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Human Design with Victoria

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Human Design Thursdays-

Are you living in alignment with your energetic make-up? Do you frequently feel in flow with the universe, or is it common for you to meet resistance? Human design is an intricate personality analysis system that shows the roadmap to living in alignment with your soul’s chosen path. Based on the I’ching, a 3,000 year old Chinese divination system, it highlights our unique strengths and talents, and shows us how to best utilize our energy. It can help you better understand your relationships, connect with the right career and bring more overall joy to your life! Victoria is excited to offer mini-readings on Thursdays at the Mountain Valley Center. Explore your energy type in a 15-minute consultation for $25. 

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Tori teaches human design

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Victoria is an Author, Human Design Specialist and Polarity Therapist in Franklin, North Carolina. Through her modalities, she seeks to empower clients and enhance their overall sense of well-being, direction and support along their path. In addition to her offered services, Victoria is also a certified Meditation Guide and Past Life Regressionist that offers local classes throughout the year.

Human Design

Victoria uses a unique combination of Human Design, Astrology, Numerology and Earth Medicine to weave together a comprehensive analysis of your soul’s energetic make-up. Full readings, offered over Zoom, include a recording of the reading plus a unique, customized Soul Signature Analysis Book that details your energetic make-up. Please visit for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Polarity Therapy

Since early childhood, Victoria has used her nurturing energy to aid her family members’ healing through touch. As an adult, she learned about the impactful system of Polarity Therapy as a multifaceted tool that assists others in their healing process. Through this ayurvedic modality, her abilities bring a rejuvenating sense of deep relaxation to encourage the release of energy blockages within the body. Victoria currently offers Polarity Therapy Sessions at Mountain Valley Center on Saturdays by appointment. Please visit for more information or to book a session.


Jenna Zoe Human Design Level II Reader

Polarity Therapy Institute, Associate in Polarity Principles

Dolores Cannon’s QHHT Level I Past Life Regressionist

Meditation Guide, Center of Excellence