The Honey Bee Farm at the Labyrinth Park

Honey bee on Lavendar

The Pollen Path Honey Bee Farm is here! Sharing the Otto Labyrinth Park now, and expanding into the adjacent acreage in the future. 

Rod, our Bee Whisperer, is developing plans to help Honey Bees everywhere, not just in our small part of the world.  This page is dedicated to the Bees!

Here we will share photos, videos, and information about Honey Bees and the benefits of Bee products (pollen, honey, even bee air). A percent of profits on HoneyBee products on this page will go to HoneyBee Education and Honey Bee Farming.

FAQ: Is honeybee one word or two?
Many people notice that dictionaries list “honeybee” as one word. However, entomologists use the two-word naming convention “honey bee.” Both are correct!

If you have specific questions for Rod, please use our contact form and ask away!