Numerology Cheat Sheet For 2019

Numerology Cheat Sheet for 2019

1-9I’ve often wanted an easy way to determine my “numbers” for a given situation. Numerology is actually very simple on the surface, but like an onion, has deeper and deeper layers. I (Jill) have created/synthesized for you a basic numerology reference guide for 2019. True numerologists will cringe at my simplifications and there is a vast amount of knowledge to learn about numerology. However I hope this gets you started and works for you through the year!

First, let’s look at 2019 itself as a year.

2+1+9 = 12;  1+2=3  2019 is a 3 year!

Look at the chart below. The energy of 3 is playful and creative. The energy 2019 has the opportunity to allow more creativity and playfulness into our lives. The energy of 2018 = 2+1+8 = 1+1 =2, was the year of the Feminine! We saw that most specifically in politics. Now is the opportunity to let up in our lives – to not take ourselves so seriously, and to enjoy the New Year!

We can go more specific

January, 2019 is 1+2+1+9 = 1+3=4

Look at the chart below.  Using playfulness and creativity as a foundation, 4 is the time to buckle down and get to work! January, 2019 is the perfect month to complete old projects or begin new ones that require our attention and detail.

And even more specific

January 2, 2019 is 2+1+2+1+9 = 1+5 = 6 – Using playfulness and creativity as a foundation and work as a moderator, January 2nd , a number 6, would invite us to spend some time nurturing ourselves and others that day!

Are you getting the picture – Numerology is actually very easy and fun on the surface. But at this surface level take all “advice” from numerology with a grain of salt.  There is much more, like factoring in place of birth, time of birth, date of birth, given name, current name….

Let’s do one more, then stop

Date of Birth:

Month + day + year.  When mine is added up, I come up with the number 8.  This number represents the overall setting for the cycles of numerological change. My overall setting is karma, wheel of fortune, what I give I receive.  2019 as a playful and creative year will help me balance work with fun, as well as nurture me in ways I have not allowed recently. It’s all in the energy and I look forward to more playful energy this Year! How about you?

Numerology Cheat Sheet

ONE        In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was One.

1 is the number of creation, the primal force of the cosmos, the energy for creating and producing. One leads change with determination. One is unwavering and at times this “stubbornness” is its downfall.
When you are in a One situation, it’s the time to go ahead and pursue your dreams with steadfastness. But note that sometimes what we think we want is actually not what we really want – the inflexibility of One could lead you down the wrong path without some moderation on your part.

TWO      After One, Two became, and the Two was Feminine!

2 is the gentle, female, tactful, forgiving and healing number, balancing One’s straightforwardness.  Two has the ability to bend but not break under pressure, with the resilience to return to her natural skills of patience, intuition and wisdom when the pressure is removed.

A Two situation asks you to be flexible, to “bend but not break” and to have the patience and trust to work through the situation without resorting to jealousy, anger or fear,

THREE        3 is playful and creative!

3 is the creative child of numbers One and Two. 3 gives you the extra energy of extroversion, expression, imagination and visioning. Expression of these is through humor and a “lightheartedness” that attracts other to you.

When 3 is your focus, go ahead and “sew your wild oats” in as many different areas that you can – knowing that you will receive support for the time being. But be aware that a little goes a long way in a 3 period that sometimes lacks self-discipline.

FOUR              4 Brings Stability and Strength

A 4 period calls for dependability, productivity and accomplishment. It is the time for setting realistic goals and pursuing them with effort and control.

In a 4 period, settle down and get comfortable. Don’t strive for earth shaking strategies. Put your head down and one foot in front of the other to accomplish what’s before you at this time.

FIVE     Its time to energize with the number 5!

Think of a five sided box tumbling down a hill.  That’s the number 5. A daring mixture of masculine and feminime, with a touch of adventurer and independence. Time to explore all options and full steam ahead!

The time of 5 is a time of freedom in thought and action. It is a time to explore all possibilities, to stretch to new horizons, to test out new things. With a good sense of humor, 5 can be a really renewing time!

 SIX          6 is the Mother Energy that keeps the Family together

Even more than 3, 6 is the energy of caring, healing, protecting and teaching others. It is the glue that keeps the world creating together. But taken too far and 6 becomes the intrusive energy of meddling.

In a 6 time, when your responsibility and caring to move forward, allow others to move at their own pace also. Use this time to teach and guide, respect others space but don’t demand, just care.

SEVEN          Seek and you shall find number 7

7 is the number of Truth – at least the number of seeking, searching for and thinking about Truth. 7 is a time for introversion, for looking within and finding the meaning to one’s own life. 7 is a mystical number – 7 notes, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 energy chakras, 7 Rays of Light.

When you are in a 7 time it is a perfect opportunity to pay attention to the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of your life. What is the meaning, the Truth of your Life? Why are you here? What is your Purpose? A 7 time gives you the energy to explore and even to find some answers to these questions.

EIGHT           8 is the Infinite Balance of the material and immaterial worlds

Turn the number 8 on its side and you have the symbol for infinity. Trace the number and you find no beginning and no end. Each “side” arises out of the opposite side. And each side is in perfect balance with the other.

An 8 time allows us to seek balance in our lives. Too much work – seek fun and re-creation. Too much fun and little money – seek ways to attract money into your life by finding the work you enjoy and doing it. Understanding that “what comes around, goes around, and comes around again” allows us to play with this adventure we call live. Want more money – go get it. Want more health – allow it to come. Enjoy this time of balance and movement.

NINE    Worldly and Sophisticated, 9 has it all

9 has some wonderful mathematical properties unknown to other numbers (one example – multiply any  number by 9, then reduce it and add the numbers and you will always get 9 back. 8x9=72 – 7+2=9) .  9 is the energy of living in the global world and understanding our connection to all things. Because of this connection, 9 is spiritual energy – understanding that we are actually all One. 9 Completes this circle back to one.

When you are in a 9 time, look towards a completion or finality to an aspect of your life. This completion is necessary in order to transform into new beginnings represented by the number One. If you don’t fight the completion, you will move smoothly into the new beginnings awaiting you!


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