Gypsy Goddess Sacred Alchemy Roll-On Oils

Gypsy Goddess Roll On Oils

Gypsy Goddess Roll-Ons use bioelectric energy, the energy field of body, mind and spirit by combining Gemstones, Empowered Herbs, Resins and other Earthly Elements with Pure Essential oils. This amplified synergy of gemstone/plant vibrations enters into the physical body loosening karmic blocks that limit our potential, healing on both a physical and etheric level. Gypsy Goddess Roll-Ons draw the physical body up to access higher levels of information by working with the bodies own crystalline dynamics communicating our intention to the crystal grid for direct connection to the universe.

Roll one on and manifest the highest potential of your dreams!

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These intention oils – oils blended for a purpose – come in one-third ounce, 3 inch tall, roll-on bottles in six varieties (see chart below). Each bottle comes with a small four page description and separate blessing card.

Money Draw Intention Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess

Money Draw Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess

MONEY DRAW Roll On Oil Use to draw money to you - anytime, anywhere! GEMSTONE Tiger's eye: Promotes wealth and abundance. Strengthens self confidence. HERBS & EARTHLY ELEMENTS • Genuine shredded currency directly from US mint - "it takes money to make money!" • Patchouli: A rich earthy smell used to manifest money. • Green Cedar Tips: Folklore says carrying a piece of cedar in your wallet will draw money and prosperity to you. • Cinnamon Chips: Used in visualizations to increase your finances. ESSENTIAL OILS • Patchouli Oil: Patchouli is associated with all the abundance and prosperity that the earth has to offer us. • Ginger: Increases bio-electric energy. It is used for prosperity, wealth and abundance. • Atlas Cedar: Brings spiritual balance. • Cinnamon Oil: A rich scent that oozes with money energy. Increases your creativity.


Money Draw Roll on Oil by Gypsy Goddess with story card and blessing card

Divine Love Gypsy Goddess Intention Roll on Oil

Divine Love Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess

DIVINE LOVE Roll On Oil Use to release fear and pain and find pure and luminous Love within you. GEMSTONE Rose Quartz: Promotes heart healing through positive self-love and self-esteem. Helps clear stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy. Releases heartache, grief and loneliness. Opens the heart chakra and stimulates love. HERBS & EARTHLY ELEMENTS • Rose Petals: The flower of love. It's petals symbolize the unfolding at of the heart. It Intensifies love energy. • Melissa: Aligns with the divine and expands unconditional love. Calms emotions and is uplifting. Eases feelings of loneliness. • Copal: Used for love and purification. ESSENTIAL OILS • Rose Geranium: Spreads peace and heals the world-weary heart. Reconnects us to the feelings of pleasure, enjoyment and spontaneity. • Pink Grapefruit: Releases anger, blame and self-criticism. Relieves the feeling of disappointment in love and promotes lightness of spirit. • Bergamot: Opens the heart chakra and radiates love energy. • Clary Sage: gives intuitive insight and inspiration to flow Relieves negative thoughts and stress. • Rose Absolute: This is the divine flower of love. • Spikenard: Heals emotional wounds and anxieties. Calms the heart and stabilizes the mind.


Divine Love Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess with Story Card and Blessing Card

Mystic Insight Gypsy Goddess Intention Roll on Oil

Mystic Insight Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess

Mystic Insight Roll On Oil Use before sleep to enhance your dreams or during the day to inspire creative efforts. GEMSTONE Lapis Lazuli: Increases psychic ability and promotes spiritual growth. HERBS & EARTHLY ELEMENTS • Jasmine Flowers: Enhances intuition and original thought. Restores capacity for creativity. • Kava Kava: Connects earthy elements to the divine. • Passion Flower: A sacred sedative. • Mugwort: Aids in achieving astral projection, psychic awareness and dreams. ESSENTIAL OILS • Sandalwood: Integrates the spirit with he senses--by quelling the analytical mind it frees the creative source. • Yarrow: A visionary oil. Improves psychic powers and draws the attention of those you want to see. • Tagette: The word is the source of all creation. Tagette births the golden word through the receptive female matrix and enhances psychic dreams. • Clary Sage: Allows inspiration to flow and restores lucidity. A euphoric oil that both relaxes and stimulates, creating mental and emotional uplift. • Lemongrass: soothes the nervous system • Marjoram: Unifies the psyche and the conscious mind.


Mystic Insight Roll On Oil with Story Card and Blessing Card

Meditation Gypsy Goddess Roll On Intention Oil

Meditation Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess

Meditation Roll On Oil Use to focus your mind and open your chakras during meditation. GEMSTONE Amethyst: Represents the violet ray of alchemy, transformation, and peace. HERBS & EARTHLY ELEMENTS • Sandalwood Chips: This fragrant wood possesses high spiritual vibrations and instills peace of religious union. • Frankincense Tears: Used in spiritual ceremonies throughout the ages. • Orange Blossoms: Purifying to the body and mind. Brings us in touch with our higher self and facilitates spiritual work. ESSENTIAL OILS • Frankincense: Used for centuries in spiritual ceremonies. Aids in meditation, eases emotional rigidity, removes blocks. • Myrrh: Enhances and strengthens spirituality. • Elemi: Balances the chakras with the spirit world. Good for visualization. Grounding joyous, centering, instills peace. • Vetiver: Balances and aligns chakras. Facilitates the release of negative emotions. • Lavender: Stabilizes physical, astral and etheric planes. Restores balance to mind and body. • Mandarin: Connects the inner child with the Christ child energy. Softens the ego. Cheerful and inspirational.


Meditation Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess with Story Card and Blessing Card

Protection Gypsy Goddess Roll On Intention Oil

Protection roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess

Protection Roll On Oil Use when you feel stricken with negative karma and bad luck. GEMSTONE Black Obsidian: Absorbs and then disperses negativity. Brings awareness of negative karma and then clears away and heals it. HERBS & EARTHLY ELEMENTS • Angelica: a True Guardian Angel of Protection. Wards off evil. Removes curses, hexes and spells. • Solomon's Seal: Used in exorcisms for protection by clearing away all forms of dark and evil spirits. • Elder Berries: Have the power to release any spells or enchantments that may have been cast against you. • Fennel Seeds: Used for love and purification. ESSENTIAL OILS • Geranium: Defends against all incoming negative energy. • Pettigrain: Inhaled to increase your personal protective shield. • Black Pepper: Creates a whirlwind of positive energy surrounding your body. Helps you get through rough times. • Galangal: Breaks spells hexes and curses. • Lemon: Disperses confusion and eases worry. Releases doubt and increases feelings of security. Alleviates fear and clears negative vibration. • Himalayan Red Cedar: Produces a spiritual vibration which purifies and grounds the body. Purges negative energy from people and places.


Protection Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess with Story Card and Blessing Card


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