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Chakra Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Healing Crystals, Scented Candles, Meditation Tools or Sound Healing

And Thank you for Shopping with us!  May You Be Well, May You Be Happy!

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Chakra Gemstone Jewelry

Authentic Gemstones, Unique Designs, and Delicate Sterling Silver Chakra Jewelry provides Healing and Well Being to Body, Mind and Spirit anywhere, anytime. See below for some of our favorites items!

Seeds of Light Pendants Green Frame
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Gemstone Jewelry by Seeds of Light

Amulets are physical manifestations of your intentions. These handmade and Reiki blessed pendants are the best healing energy gemstone amulets we have ever seen! See some of our favorites below or click the link above for a full selection!

Healing Crystals at Mountain Valley Center.com
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Healing Crystals

Crystals speak to the child within, and invite us to stop and allow the pure flow of energy to refresh and revitalize us. Each crystal in our collection is one of a kind.  Discover the perfect unique crystal for that special someone today!

Scented Candles for Relaxation, Meditation, Ritual and Aromatherapy Healing

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Scented Candles

Light up the natural healing fire with unique gifts of scented candles which can be used for relaxation, meditation, ritual or aromatherapy!

Collection Prayer Flags Small

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Meditation Tools

Traditional meditation tools to deepen your practice!

Sound Healing Gifts at Mountain Valley Center
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Sound Healing

Sound is the energy of Space. Sound is vibration and can affect our moods, health, and lives. Music creates different moods for peace & joy and gives Space for life to Flow. Find the perfect gift to provide that special someone with a sense of peace and joy that will last long beyond the holidays!

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