Feng Shui Bells and Chimes

Om Chime at Mountain Valley Center

Feng Shui wind chimes and bells activate favorable energy or Sheng Chi and bring good fortune into any environment!

Feng Shui literally means “wind and water”, the two fundamental elements of life. The sound of wind chimes, like the flow of water, brings the energy of good Chi into our awareness. This gentle sound corrects the negative effects of traffic sounds, harsh noise, and dull noise, and brings balance into our environment. In addition, the healing tones of the chimes release blockages in our bodies, minds, and spirits, bringing a sense of healing and peace into our lives. The sound of chimes reminds us at physical and mental levels to be calm and be well. A Feng Shui Chime doesn’t have to be Chinese to bring good fortune. Choose the chime that brings you the most joy and peace and hang it in your Feng Shui area!

Feng Shui Space Clearing Bell

Space Clearning Bell to clearn the Energy in any environment

Made from an alloy of seven metals, each bell is tuned to give the most prefect sound to permeate any room and clear unwanted vibrations. This bell is widely used for space clearing in the Chinese practice of Feng Shui.

Photo of using a Space Clearing Bell from Body + Soul Magazine

In the store, we use this bell in the following manner:

First, we ring it in the center of the store (Earth) to clear vibrations. Then we go to the right of the front door and begin ringing it in each of the 8 Guas, proceeding clockwise (opening direction) around the store. For us, that means that we ring the bell first in the Knowledge area, then Family/Health, Fame, Relationships, Creativity, Helpful People, ending in the Career area (which is to the left of the door, facing out). In this manner, we are literally “sweeping away” negativity out the door, while opening up the space.

The bell has a wood handle and is approximately 7.5 inches tall. We know you will love this bell!

Space Clearing Bell

Om Noah Chime

4 Inch Noah Bell

6 inch Noah Bell

Woodstock Zenergy Chime – Solo

Woodstock Zenergy Meditation Chime