Rutilated Quartz Crystals bring Healing Energy into Body, Mind, and Apirit


Rutilated Quartz Points - Polished

Rutilated Quartz is quartz crystal containing hair-like rutile crystals of titanium dioxide growing within it. Called Venus's hair stone, Thetis's hair stone, Cupids Arrows, and The Goddess' tresses in ancient times. Metaphysical Properties include; An energy stone, known to intensify the power of the quartz crystal. Excellent for astral travel. Insight, awareness, communication with that beyond our physical realm. Enhances one's understanding in difficult situations, thus facilitating timely and appropriate solutions. Relieves depression and loneliness, and helps provide new direction. Enhances creativity. Rutilated quartz is said to slow down the aging process and to help strengthen the immune system. A strong healer and to be helpful in recovering from radiation exposure.

Natural Polished Rutilated Crystal Points

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