Gemstone Pendulums for Dowsing and Insight

Pendulum Dowsing

Orgonite PendulumDowsing has been known and used for thousands of years. It is a way of using our body's own energy reflexes to answer questions and explore the world. Pendulum dowsing is done simply by holding a solid object suspended at the end of a string.

1) Using a pendulum for External Dowsing
Hold the pendulum gently and go to an area in your room or even on your body. If the pendulum spins clockwise, the area contains positive, active, masculine, yang energy. If the pendulum spins counterclockwise, the area contains negative, passive, feminine, yin energy. After identifying types of energy, use active objects/exercises to stimulate yin energy and gentle, soothing objects/exercises to calm yang energy.

2) Using a pendulum for Internal Dowsing
Gently hold the pendulum and first ask "What is Yes". The pendulum will begin to move in one of 4 directions: back and forward; side to side; diagonal, clockwise or counterclockwise. Establish the direction for "yes", then ask "What is No". Once you know the directions for yes and no, ask the pendulum only yes or no questions to receive mental/emotional/spiritual insights.

Chakra Pendulums

Chakra Pendulum - quartz, amethyst, shiva ligamThese new chakra pendulums are great for all chakra energy work!
AMETHYST Pendulums connect you with your Brow chakra, giving you peace and inspiration. CLEAR QUARTZ Crystal Pendulums answer any questions and seek out purity of energy. SHIVA LINGAM pendulums are made of crypto crystalline quartz, which is said to contain the "loftiest vibrations of all stones on Earth." and were formed when a meteorite hit and merged with local sandstone in India. Each pendulum comes with storycard and instructions for use.

Orgonite Pendulums

Orgone (also known as Orgonite) products are made of

  • Concentrated organic matter in the form of resin.
  • inorganic matter in the form of metals
  • and conductors in the form of crystals.

The organic resin exerts negative ionic charges and the inorganic metals exert positive ionic charges. The combination of metals and crystals are unique within each piece.

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