Amethyst Crystals and Cathedrals

Large Amethyst Goddess Cathedral Geod

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a violet/purple crystal stone that is used for spiritual attunement and cleansing, meditation, positive transformation and crystal healing.

Amethyst is the crystal of spirituality and contentment. It is a stone of transformation, raising vibrations to connect Earth with Heaven. A crystal of peace and faith, amethyst is used often in meditation to access higher energies of wisdom and understanding.

While amethyst points are common, cathedrals are more rare. A cathedral is the amethyst found in it’s natural state. A “window” has been opened in the stone to view the crystals. The photo on the left shows our own Amethyst Goddess, sitting next to the desk in the Otto Labyrinth Park Welcome Center.

Smoky Amethyst Crystals


Reaching for the stars while grounding at the same time brings wonderful change and energy into your life. Amethyst connects us with the brow and crown chakras, with the Universe, Space, God/Goddess/All That Is. Amethyst is the crystal of our dreams.
Smoky Quartz connects us with Earth, Grounding, Protection, and Elimination of Negativity.
These two wonderful energies combine in these amazing crystals. Use them to dream your dreams and ground them in reality. Blessings on your Path!

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