Our favorite chakra CD's of all time for energy healing.

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Chakra Chants

chakra chants cd

Chakra Chants CD by Jonathan Goldman THE BEST music we've ever experienced for aligning and balancing the chakras. The CD has 7 tracts, one for each chakra. They are recorded using the keynote, frequency, vowel, Bija, element, Shabd sound, instrument and energy for each chakra. Listening to this new age CD daily is quite inspirational and has a profound effect on body, mind, and spirit. We know we are changing and growing through its use.


Chakra Chants CD by Jonathan Goldman

Chakra Dance

Chakra Dance cd

Chakra Dance CD by Jonathan Goldman A fusion of ancient sacred sounds and modern dance beats creates an enchanting musical hybrid, guaranteed to get your feet moving and your chakras resonating at the same time. From the creator of the best-sellers Medicine Buddha, The Lost Chord, and Ultimate Om, this is dance music for body, mind and spirit!  


Chakra Dance CD by Jonathan Goldman

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Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants

Crystal Bowls chakra chants

This beautiful recording creates a soothing sonic environment for deep relaxation and chakra healing. It features Goldman's extraordinary Chakra Chanting as well as Crystal Tones gorgeous sounds of over 20 different harmonically tunes Quartz Crystal Bowls. The vocal chants and bowls calm and relax, attuning listeners to powerful energies of transformation. Excellent for healing and meditation.


Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants CD by Jonathan Goldman and Crystal Tones

Chakra Healing Chants

Chakra Healing Chants CD

Chakra Healing Chants - CD Embark on a journey through the power of the Chakras on a river of sacred sound with legendary 'Song Healer' Sophia with David Gordon on shaman drums and native flutes. Eastern practitioners have worked for centuries with drawing in vital prana or 'breath of life' into the body via the seven chakras to vitalize and heal themselves. Sophia uses pure vocal tones, which have a direct correspondence with the Hebraic Sephira on the Cabbalistic Tree of Life. Particular key frequencies help activate and send soothing and subtle energies into these body energy centers.  


Chakra Healing Chants - CD by Sophia

Chakra Healing Zone- CD

Healing Zone CD

Chakra Healing Zone by David and Steve Gordon. Explore and transform your inner world - Retreat from the busyness of life and enter a mystical inner temple where you will discover the seven glowing jewels of consciousness known as the Chakras. Master sound healers Sophia, Shajan, David & Steve Gordon, Win Meyerson, Robin Silver and Karmacosmic contribute serenely beautiful music which evokes the vibration of each sacred energy center. From deeply meditative soundscapes of Indian sitar and tamboura, enchanting flutes to vocal chants and hypnotic drumbeats, this ultimate Chakra music will enhance your meditation, sound healing, yoga and massage. Emerge with clarity and depth, better in touch with yourself and the wonders that surround you.  


Chakra Healing Zone CD by David and Steve Gordon

10 Minute Chakra Tune Up

Spend just 10 minutes each day listening to this video to tune up your energy system using colors and sounds.
Words by Jill Henry and Music by Charlie Henry

Purchase and Download the Guided Imagery and Music MP3 played on this video

10 Minute Tune Up MP3 Download

10 Minute Chakra TuneUp

10 Minute Tune Up - MP3 Download 10 Minute Rainbow Tune-Up with Music by Charles Henry, M.S., Voice by Jill N. Henry, Ed.D is designed for those who say they would like to meditate but they just don't have time. Gentle guided imagery over an ascending note musical mantra leads the mind on a walk through the color and energy centers (chakras) of the body. Find just 10 minutes a day to listen to this tape and re-tune your body and mind. Guided Imagery with Music MP3 "Ten Minute Tune Up" by Jill and Charlie Henry. Approx 10 minutes


10 minute Tune Up guided Imagery MP3 download. After your purchase, you will receive first an order confirmation, and immediately following an email link to download your MP3

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