Chakra Color Balancing Gifts for Well Being

Each chakra is associated with a specific color. The colors of the rainbow are the colors of the chakra. To balance chakras using energy healing, simply focus on the color or the chakra you wish to energize.

Life Path Finger Labyrinth

Life Path Finger Labyrinth -Porcelain Chakra Labyrinth

Trace the Path - Find Your Center

This colorful, handcrafted, 6" porcelain finger labyrinth is a trivet plate, hand painted, then fired to achieve a crackled glass effect for the path, with a raised border between each path.

The classic 7-circuit design dates back over 4,000 years. 7 paths, or circuits, with raised borders, lead to the center, or goal. Use as a finger labyrinth for relaxation, centering and intuitive insights.. Use as a color therapy tool to balance the energies of body, mind, and spirit.

In tracing the labyrinth path (or walking a labyrinth), you actually follow the steps in chakra healing.

  • Begin on the 3rd chakra (yellow), the solar plexus, "I think" .
  • Then your proceed to the 2nd, pelvic chakra (orange), "I feel".
  • Your next path is the 1st chakra (red), "I am".
  • Then on to the 4th charka (green), "I love",
  • the 7th chakra (indigo), "I am more!",
  • the 6th chakra (violet), "I see", the 5th chakra (blue), "I speak"
  • and finally to the center (pink), "I listen".

Rainbow Chakra Bears

Rainbow Chakra Bears - Set of 7 Plush Bears

Remember When you were little and your best friend was a teddy bear? You have changed, and so has your bear! We proudly present the Rainbow Chakra Bears!

Legend of the Rainbow Chakra Bears

In the heart of the Smoky Mountains, as the sun shines though the morning mists, a rainbow of color appears.
Once, every 20 years, this rainbow of chakra colors touch the earth. And something magical happens. Out of the mists emerge bears of a kaleidoscope of color. Rainbow Chakra bears are born.

Legend has it that each bear has a special purpose and function to share just with you!

  • Crown bear (7th chakra - top of head - Divine Light) wears a collar of Divine Love.
  • Violet bear (6th chakra - forehead - Intuition) are wise beyond their years.
  • Blue bear (5th chakra - throat - Communication) listen with endless patience.
  • Green bear (4th chakra - heart - Love) love you and help you heal.
  • Yellow bear (3rd chakra - solar plexus - Personal Power) bring you success.
  • Orange bear (2nd chakra - pelvis - Relationships) connect you to special friends.
  • Red bear ( 1st chakra - base of spine - Physical & Material Well Being) share their vitality and love of the earth.

As you can see from the photos, these bears have Personality Plus! Each one is a little different, which is amazing energy even for a Rainbow bear! Rainbow bears measure 4" tall by 3" wide. They are perfect to sit on the corner of your desk at work, on your bed pillow at home, and even in your car! ( Our special bear sits on top of our computer to assist with tasks such as producing this website) Carry them to remind you of the wonderful healing properties of color and the chakra energy centers. Select a special color/attribute and give them to your children, your nieces and nephews, the neighbor's kids and watch the changes occur. Our bears are sold in a 7 Bear Chakra Set for $21.00 (all 7 bears) and include a story card!

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