Chakra Color Balancing Gifts for Well Being

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This stretch knit light weight shawl can be worn several different ways and is wearable year round.  Available in basic Chakra Colors.

Pack of 7 plush bears. Sleep with them. Place them on your desk. Hold them. Pick the color and chakra you want to energize and Have Fun! Bears are approx 4 inches tall

Trace the Path – Find Your Center

This colorful, handcrafted, 6″ porcelain finger labyrinth is a trivet plate, hand painted, then fired to achieve a crackled glass effect for the path, with a raised border between each path.

The classic 7-circuit design dates back over 4,000 years. 7 paths, or circuits, with raised borders, lead to the center, or goal. Use as a finger labyrinth for relaxation, centering and intuitive insights.. Use as a color therapy tool to balance the energies of body, mind, and spirit.

In tracing the labyrinth path (or walking a labyrinth), you actually follow the steps in chakra healing.

  • Begin on the 3rd chakra (yellow), the solar plexus, “I think” .
  • Then your proceed to the 2nd, pelvic chakra (orange), “I feel”.
  • Your next path is the 1st chakra (red), “I am”.
  • Then on to the 4th charka (green), “I love”,
  • the 7th chakra (indigo), “I am more!”,
  • the 6th chakra (violet), “I see”, the 5th chakra (blue), “I speak”
  • and finally to the center (pink), “I listen”.
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