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There are three modules in this course. I strongly suggest that you complete an entire Module before moving on to the next. Each Module builds on the previous one and contains several units.  The testing center lists tests that must be submitted to Jill for feedback.  A green button at the top, center of each Unit page will take you to the testing center. Please submit all required tests in Module One before submitting tests in Module Two. Likewise, Please submit all required tests in Module Two before submitting tests in Module Three.

To track you way through the course you may use either the
Testing Center or the
Sitemap as a guideline. I suggest printing out one of these pages and use it to check off where you have been!

For those with test anxiety, keep the following in mind.  Each module has required tests and self-tests. The self-tests are designed to reinforce your learning. They are not "graded" by Jill, nor will they be seen by anyone else but you. The submit  "tests" require you to provide your specific course information for feedback. They are really not "tests" at all, but ways to communicate what you plan to do when you teach your own courses and workshops.

Within each Module you may proceed in any way you wish. Adults approach learning in many different ways. You may go directly to the
testing center and try your luck. You may follow through page by page by clicking each Next Page button. You may re-arrange the learning order to suit your needs.


Tests are Java script and must have Java enabled in order to work. For some reason known only to the internet, tests in this program function best when using Netscape as your Browser. The tests also function in Internet explorer, but some of the "back" buttons do not work.

Don’t get hung up on the mechanics of JAVA scripts. If answer boxes appear, use them. If not, go to the
Alternative Testing Center where you can complete the tests, find the answers, and email submit tests. The most important part of this course is the feedback you will receive after submitting tests. It really doesn’t matter if you submit by email or submit on-line.

Additional note: If you are using a MAC, it seems that the best way for you to complete this course is through the alternative testing center and email. For some reason known only to internet seers, MAC simply don’t like JAVA scripts.

In rare cases with old MAC computers, some have found difficulty copying and pasting from html scripts. In these cases Dr. Henry will email you a copy of all tests and answers. The testing format in the course is under Continuous Quality Improvement and is moving towards complete compatibility with all computers. Until then, workarounds may be necessary with some computers.

If difficulties occur, contact Dr. Henry immediately for a workaround.

For tests that require written information, such as listing your objectives, I recommend that you develop your materials in a word processor that’s comfortable to you (ie. MS Word, Lotus WordPro, etc. Copy your material by highlighting it and pressing Ctr+C (Control key and C on your keyboard). Then, go to the test and place your curser in the box.  Now press Ctr+V (Control key and V on your keyboard) and your information will be pasted into the text box.

Additional note: Using "Paste" on your browser will not result in pasting information into text boxes. To paste information into text boxes, place your curser into the box, then  Ctr+V  (Hold your Control key down and press the  letter "V" on your keyboard). Your copy will appear in the box.


It is not necessary to change your browser to Netscape for this course. but if you choose to do so, here are some hints.

1. Click here to install a FREE Netscape browser 

2. I use IE (Internet Explorer) for my primary browser. When I downloaded Netscape I placed its icon on my desktop for quick access.

3. Setting up CFAL as home page on Netscape: (If you want quick access to the course and are using IE as your browser for everything else, you might want to set your Netscape home page to this course.

  • Go to the Overview page of this course at:  and set it as your opening page. On the Netscape Browser, select: Tools—-> Options -> General —>set home page. Whenever you open Netscape you are at the course!) 


1. To see the test answers and your score, fill in the top 3 spaces with your name, participant ID (the number given to you when you registered for this course) and email, then click on the GRADE button.

Self-tests are for your information only. If you want to save a copy for yourself you may click on PRINT for a hardcopy or click on SAVE to save the answers as computer file. When you click on SAVE, an answer screen will appear. Then click on FILE -> Save Page As. This will bring up "my documents’ in Windows and you can create a folder to save all your tests in.

2. If you proceed directly from one test to another, the answers may overlap from the previous test. To correct this, exit the browser, then enter again.

3. I’ve also noticed that sometimes the JAVA scripts don’t initially load correctly. If an answer box is "fuzzed" or doesn’t appear, try scrolling down and up the page. When I do this on my computer, the boxes suddenly "straighten out" and appear correctly.

4. Clicking the green button at the bottom of the test results page will take you back to the testing center. From there you can go on to another Unit (first column) or another test (second column) by clicking on the underlined links.

1.  Certain tests will require feedback from the instructor. When a test requires feedback, a "submit" button will appear on the test results page. Complete the test, then click "View your answer sheet" button. Then click the "Submit online" button, and then click on "Continue" button. 

You will know that you have successfully submitted your information when you see the THANK YOU page appear. Clicking the link will return you to the CFAL Sitemap. 


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