2.15 Experiential Learning Cycle — Personalizing Facilitation Questions

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Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning

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2.15 Experiential Learning Cycle — Personalizing Facilitation Questions

Now that you are familiar with the Experiential Learning Cycle, its time to put it into action. This cycle may be used once during an entire presentation, or it may be used specifically with each objective or major workshop section.

In the CEU workshops I do, I use the cycle four times, one for each major section of the workshop and once at the end to summarize the entire workshop. It is a way to "open" a section, go through the materials, then "close" before opening a new section.

It is important to be flexible with this cycle, to "go with the flow", and yet to be sure to include all elements of the cycle. I have provided an example
from one of my workshops below to give you an idea of how to complete this next Test.

Happiness is finishing a workshop and having your participants tell you what you just told them. That is the only way that you know that they know what you were talking about. Helping participants "take home and use" the information you provide is the true measure of your success in facilitating adult learning.

EXAMPLE ExLC Worksheet:
refer to the "ExCL Design" page to see relationships of this example to possible facilitation questions.

EXAMPLE: One section of my Feel the Flow workshop is on Polarity Energy Balancing. Below I list the objectives and give examples of facilitation questions I prepare and use during this section.

EXPERIENCING Objectives + Content and Activities

Examples of Facilitation Questions for Experiential Learning Cycle


  • Describe the relationship of the 5 Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) to the chakra centers and to body structures.
  • Identify nutritional needs and meditative practices to balance each of the 5 elements
  • Identify the major positive, negative, and neutral poles on the body.
  • Perform general energy balancing techniques by integrating information about the 5 elements with information about body polarity.


  • How did it feel to have your Fire element balanced?
  • What are you feeling from your hands when you put them on your partner’s body?
  • What most impressed you when you were receiving a polarity technique?
  • What most impressed you when you were giving a polarity technique?


  • What techniques would you use if someone has too much Fire?
  • What foods would you eat if you wanted to boost your Air element?
  • What is a good meditative practice to increase Either?


  • How does Polarity Balancing relate to other energy techniques you have experienced in the past?
  • What have you learned about your hand placement on others given this new Polarity information? What would you do the same? What would you do differently?


  • If all this information is true, then what will you be doing differently when you work with friends or clients?
  • What two things do you want to remember most about this session?
  • What one thing will you do differently next week?
  • What one new healthy practice will you make a commitment to doing for the next month?

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