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Astrology is an ancient sacred art and science, developed to help us understand our personal blueprint at a deeper level. And, by understanding our current cosmic timings we can participate more consciously with the personal and planetary initiation cycles designed to help us unfold into greater consciousness and mastery.

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Sky Rhythms – Astrology Notes For September, 2022

Welcome to the season of balance and transition, as here in the northern hemisphere the fullness and abundance of summer make way for the harvest – the gathering in – of Fall. Astronomically, this is marked by the Sun moving into the first degree of Libra, rising and setting due East on the horizon, happening this year on September 22 …

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Astrology Gemstone Chart

Astrology Gemstone Chart – Just for Fun! Astrology Gemstones SIGNS COLORS GEMSTONES METALS CAPRICORN – January Black and White Onyx, Quartz, Beryl, Jet, *Garnet, Obsidian Gold, Silver AQUARIUS – February Electric Blue Blue Sapphire, Lapis, Aquamarine, *Amethyst All Metals PISCES – March Soft Azure & Light Blue Diamond, Turquoise, Jade, Tourmaline, *Bloodstone Silver ARIES – April Red-Orange Ruby, Red Jasper, …

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