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Shop by Price – Shopping Guide

Posted by Jill Henry on November 29, 2017

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Shop by Price and Treat Yourself to the Gift of Well Being! Gifts for Under $20.00 Orgone Energy Pendants, Pyramids, Disks and Wands Prices range from $5.00 to $18.00 We love these Orgonite Products and you will love our prices! Orgone Protects from Negative Energy and EMF's and balances the auric field. Select from our collection of pendants, massage wands, pyramids, pendulums and more! Shop Now for Orgone Products Sacred Symbol Pendants Sale - Just

PEMF and You

Posted by Jill Henry on November 7, 2017

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Category: Energy Medicine
Have you heard of PEMF before? It stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies. And believe it or not you need them every day!  Your body needs food, air, water and the Schumman Frequency of 7.83 hz (cycles/second) for your 100 trillion cells to function properly through self-healing, self-regulation, and self-regeneration. The Schumann frequency is the “pulse of the earth” and it controls our creativity, performance, stress, anxiety and immune systems. In this respect, our physical bodies

November, 2017 – Food for Thought

Posted by Jill Henry on November 7, 2017

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New Old Car, New Old Website I have been driving the same car for 14 years – a little sporty girl I called Amy.  For the past year, Amy has had an increasing number of repairs – you know the story – when your car begins to cost as much as the payments for a newer model. In addition, I was beginning to be concerned about driving her out of town in case she would


Posted by Jill Henry on November 7, 2017

CHAKRA EVOLUTION can be traced from our ancestors to present day. The first chakra to develop fully was the root chakra. This energy system lies at the base of the spine and is concerned primarily with survival on the physical plane. Early cave dwellers had to utilize this energy to simply exist in a dangerous world. A single-minded focus on physical survival, security, health, money, and even death reflects the activity of this primary energy.

Focus and Stay the Course

Posted by Jill Henry on November 5, 2017

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I lose focus. I get distracted easily, phone rings, doorbell rings, a leaf falls, a shiny bauble catches my eye… I have to start all over again and again. I feel discouraged , dis-heartened., even a bit frazzled at times. Where was I? I know that feeling negative just attracts more negatives into my life.  But sometimes it just feels like it is easier to focus on all these negatives. There are just so many

Coventry Creation Candles

Posted by Jill Henry on November 3, 2017

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New Selection of  Coventry Creation Candles Coventry Creation Candles are special scented candles for all occasions. Deep in ritual and Magick, they provide special energy, healing, and manifestation. Perfect to light as the nights grow long! Shop Now!

A Healing Place

Posted by Jill Henry on November 3, 2017

Category: A Healing Place
A Healing Place allows you to type your first name into a comment box to receive healing  prayers from others while at the same time giving healing prayers to others. It is a tool for connection, sharing, and community. We are all connected! We are like drops of water in an Ocean of Life.  An invisible field of Energy connects each of us, all the time.  Distant Prayer and Distant Healing work through this mystical,

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