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2018 Otto Labyrinth Park Gatherings

The first Gathering at the Otto Labyrinth Park was in the Summer of 1998. We had just completed building the Labyrinth, and 5 of us Gathered to walk it, build a fire, drum and sing. Over the past 20 years we have offered Gatherings throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. Sometimes 5 people attend, other times 60 people come. Always the perfect number for the Energy that's needed at the time.Gathering at the Otto Labyrinth Park

This year we return to our roots -the original Labyrinth Gathering We will meet at 7 pm at the Labyrinth. A brief visit to the Faerie Forest starts the Gathering, followed by a group walk Gathering at the Otto Labyrinth Parkto the Center of the Labyrinth. At the center a guided meditation allows us to lift our Energy in service of the World as well as ourselves. We then walk out to sit around the fire, drumming, talking and sharing as the night approaches and the moon comes out.

Gatherings are always Free. We do appreciate any love offerings you make to support the maintenance of the Park.

So plan to join us this year. What the world needs now is the Energy of Peace and Renewal. We are pleased to offer a place to connect throughout the years.

2018 Labyrinth Gathering Schedule

Saturdays, 7-9 pm

Note: Gatherings are held on the Saturday closest to the Full Moon

May 26~ Flower, Milk or Dyad Moon - Flowers come into full bloom and corn is ready to plant. Actual Full Moon Date is May 29th

June 30 ~ Mead or Strawberry Moon - In late June the  meadows, or meads, were ready to be mowed for hay.  Also called The Strawberry Moon, as Strawberry picking season reaches its peak during this time. Actual Full Moon Date is June 28th

July 28~ Hay or Buck Moon - Hay is gathered to be dried and stored. and deer start growing velvety hair-covered antlers in July. Actual Full Moon Date is July 27th

August 25~ Sturgeon or Barley Moon - Sturgeon are most readily caught during this month. It was also called the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon. Persephone, virgin Goddess of rebirth, carries a sheaf of barley as a symbol of the harvest. Actual Full Moon Date is August 26th

September 22~ Corn or Harvest Moon - Harvest Moon, occurs closest to the Autumn Equinox. The chief Indian staples of corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice are now ready for gathering. Actual Full Moon Date is September 24th

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Earth in Space gifHave you heard of PEMF before? It stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies. And believe it or not you need them every day!  Your body needs food, air, water and the Schumman Frequency of 7.83 hz (cycles/second) for your 100 trillion cells to function properly through self-healing, self-regulation, and self-regeneration. The Schumann frequency is the “pulse of the earth” and it controls our creativity, performance, stress, anxiety and immune systems. In this respect, our physical bodies are more “Mind-Body-Earth” than “Mind-Body-Spirit”.  We connect with the Schumann Frequencies mostly when we are outdoors, walking barefoot on the beach, going deep into the woods, lying on a grassy field. Think about how refreshed you feel doing these things. You are refreshed because your cells have entrained directly to the Earth frequency and are now released to perform their cellular functions well. In addition, the frequency of 7.83 hz is the Alpha brainwave frequency, the state of mind in which you are both relaxed and alert. The problem is that Americans now spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, shielding from the earth’s health benefits and are being increasingly exposed to harmful “electrosmog” frequencies from power lines, cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, computers and televisions.

tree coming out of earthBack to the body’s needs.  You want your body to be well, so you can do great things in your life. But with age, accident, and dis-ease, the body starts to break down, like an old car without proper maintenance. So you look to feeding the body with fresh, non-GMO and organic whole foods; clean spring or ionized water, comfortable temperature and spectrum sunlight, fresh oxygenated and negatively charged air, but something is still missing. The missing link is the Earth’s natural magnetic and Schumann frequencies.

What conventional medicine offers. You seek a medical answer for your body. But medicine has only 2 remedies, surgery and pharmaceuticals. These treat the signs and symptoms but rarely the cause. That’s because conventional medicine sees the body as a collection of separate parts and not as a primary multi-dimensional holographic field of bio energy, information and consciousness.   In future articles I will dive into just what that means. For now, understand that the body is not solid, but an interrelated vibrational pattern of frequency and energy.  Reiki Energy HandsThat is why energy modalities like therapeutic touch actually work to facilitate self healing. In the 1980’s Dr. John Zimmerman studied therapeutic touch using a SQUID magnetometer at the University of Colorado. He discovered that a “pulsating biomagnetic field emanated from the hands of therapeutic touch practitioners.”  He  found that the PEMF (frequency) of the pulsations were not steady, but a “sweep” up and down, from 0-30 Hz (cycles per second), with the most activity around the Schumann resonance in the 7-8 Hz range. He concluded that the biomagnetic pulsations from the hands of Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Chi Gong, and Energy healers are in the identical range of the frequencies the earth emits and the same as our cells and tissues respond to.

Polarity figure with chakra auraThe Body. The body is not solid, but rather composed of atoms and molecules which make up cells and organs, surrounded by a vast photonic web of energy. And photons are carriers of electromagnetic waves. This explains why PEMF therapy, homeopathy, radionics, frequency specific therapies, and flower essences can have such profound effects.  These biophotons also create an energy field that extends up to 15 feet from the body. Those of us in energy work have known about the aura for a long time! The next time you say “I have a headache”, try saying instead “my photons are not vibrating at a harmonous frequency”

What cells need to do to be healthy.  Your 100 trillion cells constantly pump oxygen and 90+ other substances including enzymes, glucose and nutrients across their membranes and remove waste products that arise from metabolism, infection and toxicity. These cellular pumps require energy (ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and TMP (transmembrane potential) to do their work. They are like batteries and require a catalyst to operate. The frequencies carried by the biophotons direct this entire process. Try to imagine if you had to consciously do this – impossible!  That is why frequencies are so important. Natural, harmonizing frequencies rejuvenate at the cellular level, while unnatural, discordant frequencies interfere with cellular function, resulting in pain and dis-ease.

Blue water gif“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration” Nikola Tesla

Begin to think of yourself as consciousness (thoughts and beliefs) residing in a multi-dimensional holographic field of energy and information which then directs, guides and continuously rebuilds the physical form. That’s the approach for understanding PEMF and You. Most of you already think in terms of energy and vibration, just add the right frequencies and you have the pattern for self-healing and regeneration!

Charlie and I have been working with Dr. Arthur B. Flick. M.D. in Clayton, GA for the past year testing and exploring his PEMF Devices. It seems to us that working with frequencies is core to physical and mental well being. PEMF devices by ReSet ManufacturingThe beauty of Dr. Flick’s devices is that you can carry them, apply them to your body, or sit between them and allow your cells to entrain  and resonate to the frequencies essential for self-healing and wellness.

I know this article has a lot of technical “stuff” and may be hard to grasp. In the coming weeks I will be writing more and leading you through the wonderful world of Frequency. For now, if anyone locally want to experience PEMF therapy, just give us a call and we can talk more or set up a Plasma frequency experience for you.  CLICK HERE to visit the PEMF website.  If you go in through this link to purchase a product you will receive our affiliate discounts!


rainbow in trees gidNew Old Car, New Old Website

I have been driving the same car for 14 years – a little sporty girl I called Amy.  For the past year, Amy has had an increasing number of repairs – you know the story – when your car begins to cost as much as the payments for a newer model. In addition, I was beginning to be concerned about driving her out of town in case she would need more work.  We have also had the same website since 1998 and the “back end” – all the coding, has had to have an increasing number of “repairs” as the internet codes change and develop.

This week we have reached two goals – new car and new website!  Or rather, a new “pre-owned” car and a new website that looks the same as the old one – only better! Before I talk about the website, I need to share a story about the new car. I admit that I was sad to drive my Amy (car) to the dealer to trade in. “We” talked the whole way there, me telling her how much I loved her and her telling me that she understood. Before I drove off in my new car I took the prayer bead from Amy’s rear view mirror and placed it around the rear view mirror of the new car. That night, before I went to sleep, I did some distance viewing to say good night to Amy sitting in the dealer’s car lot. The car was there, but not the essence of “Amy”. It was just a car. I then “viewed” the new car sitting in our carport and Amy said “Hi – I’m home! I just followed the prayer bead. Do you like my new body?” Clever girl that Amy.  Her essence is definitely in the new car! Whether you believe that cars have an energy essence doesn’t matter as much as the feeling that she is going forward with me on my Path. No regrets and Amy is a Happy Girl in her new, reliable body!

Now, about the website.  You will still reach it at The pages are still in the same order, the colors are the same, but there is a new sparkle to the site. The coding (the stuff you never see) is cleaned up. I’ve created more videos and soon will have a video at the top of each major page describing what ‘s on the page. (check out the new Labyrinth video below). And we finally have a Blog section, where we can share information with each other!
Find  “A Healing Place” blog category.  Click “continue reading” or “Read More” This post is short – just a few words, Charlie’s Zen in Water video, and a comment section. When you visit,  play the video and send Energy and Prayers to everyone in the comments section. Then add your own first name and the first name of anyone else into the comments Section to receive Energy and Prayers. All comments will be made using your FaceBook login to protect you from having to submit an email.  You will have the option to comment only on the page or to share the page with your FaceBook friends. It’s a way to connect in the Healing Energies of the Universe and to give to and receive from each other! Click Here to go to the Blog and Add your Name and Join our Energy/Prayer Circle!

As you explore the new site, let us know how you like it. If something doesn’t work, let us know. If you really like something, let us know and we will do more of it!

Thank you so much for being a part of our world all these years!
Jill and Charlie

CHAKRA EVOLUTION can be traced from our ancestors to present day. The first chakra to develop fully was the root chakra. This energy system lies at the base of the spine and is concerned primarily with survival on the physical plane. Early cave dwellers had to utilize this energy to simply exist in a dangerous world. A single-minded focus on physical survival, security, health, money, and even death reflects the activity of this primary energy.
As physical needs were met, social relationships began to develop. Sensuality and sexuality between two people expanded to include pleasure and gratification available from others. Societies were built on the energy of the pelvic second chakra.
Once human beings had established safety and community, the personal power of the third chakra began developing in the solar plexus area. This is a masculine power of aggressiveness, competitiveness, recognition, status, self-image and significance. Civilizations advanced and fell according to the dominating individual or ego involved. This chakra has been predominating through the middle of the 20th century.
The “love-ins” of the 1960’s, more than anything else, express the emergence of the fourth chakra, the heart. Opening of the heart chakra allows self-acceptance and generates feelings of love and caring for others as well as oneself. This feminine center balances the self-preoccupation of the lower centers and acts as a bridge to higher emotions and energies.
As we begin our journey into the 21st Century, the throat chakra has many of us literally choking! The opening of our creative abilities of self-expression is the next major lesson for many of us. This chakra of communication is seen in the growing of the Internet and World Wide Web. Instantaneous global communication challenges us to our highest levels of creativity and integration.
The brow chakra is the witness center, the joining of left and right brain wisdom and intelligence. The energies here connect us with our Higher Self and encourage the development and practical use of intuition.
Our spiritual center is located at the crown of the head and is our connection with cosmic consciousness. The energy here enables us to live in the moment, without desire. To be truly free of concerns, worries, doubts, and fears.

EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE of chakra development have occurred throughout history. Jesus and Buddha and other wise and holy men and women through the ages have demonstrated full mastery of all chakras. In fact, we all have access to all the power of our chakras at any given moment. We all have had experiences of unconditional love, of a sense of oneness with the beauty of our environment, of pure joy.

A SIMPLE EXERCISE to begin enlivening your chakras is color amd sound imagery.
For a quick Tune Up watch the Solfeggio video below


For more complete imagery, watch our 10 minute Tune Up

Finally,before going to sleep each night, take a couple of minutes to complete the following visualization. Begin by imaging a soft glow of red at the base of your spine. Notice the quality of the color and make it bright and beautiful. Now allow this red color to expand and flow up your body, down your arms and legs, and up into your head. Continue to allow red to expand through and out your body, surrounding you in a gentle red glow.
Repeat this process using the following colors and areas: Orange in the pelvis, yellow in the solar plexus, green in the heart, blue in the throat, indigo at the brow, violet at the top of your head and white surrounding your whole being. As you work with these colors, allow your breath to move the energy through and around you. Slow your breathing and let the colors flow and merge. Perform this exercise nightly and notice differences in feelings, sensations, and attitudes. This is one of the first steps you can take to begin to explore and balance the chakra energies within you.

OUR PURPOSE now is to learn how to fully utilize chakra energy for the highest good of our family, our community, the Earth, and us. This requires learning how to let go of negative emotions and conditions that disturb the flow of our energies and learning how to refine and develop these energies for consistent positive manifestation in our world.


I lose focus. I get distracted easily, phone rings, doorbell rings, a leaf falls, a shiny bauble catches my eye…

I have to start all over again and again.

stressed out mouse

I feel discouraged , dis-heartened., even a bit frazzled at times. Where was I?

I know that feeling negative just attracts more negatives into my life.  But sometimes it just feels like it is easier to focus on all these negatives. There are just so many from which to choose. Maybe a bit of TV watching, bad idea, cancel, cancel, cancel.

steaming cup of coffee


I have a cup of tea and start all over from the beginning again.  But where was I? Focus, that’s it. I am constantly starting and re-starting even the most simple of tasks. At the end of the day sometimes I can’t find anything to be pleased about.

And then I remember the lyrics from an old song, ‘Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and don’t mess with Mister In-between’. Time to re focus, again.

After years of this behavior, I have come to realize the value of having a “touchstone”, a ‘Key Word’, to remind me of what I was supposed to be doing before getting distracted.

This Keyword, or focus point cat nappingis a short,  simple word or phrase upon which to attach my focus, like “Trash Out” or “feed cat”. The only trick is to remember the Focus word. But a simple word or phrase is a lot easier to recall.

Years ago there were a series of books, the 1 hour Manager, the 10 minute Manager, the 5 minute Manager.

I am now down to the 1 minute Manager. Considering nano-seconds as soon as there is a cheap way to measure them.

Focus, it all seems to be about Focus and how to avoid all of the never-ending distractions.

I would be very interested and pleased to hear about your idpuppy relaxing in reclinereas on Focus and how to keep on track, how to stay the course and actually get something done.

Ideas Please?!!



New Selection of  Coventry Creation Candles

Drawing Down the Full Moon CandleCoventry Creation Candles are special scented candles for all occasions. Deep in ritual and Magick, they provide special energy, healing, and manifestation. Perfect to light as the nights grow long!

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rainbow in trees gidA Healing Place allows you to type your first name into a comment box to receive healing  prayers from others while at the same time giving healing prayers to others. It is a tool for connection, sharing, and community.

We are all connected! We are like drops of water in an Ocean of Life.  An invisible field of Energy connects each of us, all the time.  Distant Prayer and Distant Healing work through this mystical, magical and scientific Energy connection.

When you are in need of Energy, of Prayer, comment  below with your first name.  When you read a name, send a Prayer to that person (or pet, or organization, or….)

You may listen to/watch the following video created by Charlie as you give and receive prayers to help align your energy for the highest good of each and all of us!

Many Blessings on your Path!

Jill and Charlie