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Lesson # 100 – The Beginning

owls in loveThe Law of Attraction is one of those little laws that is basic and fundamental in nature.

Very few of us have ever had the opportunity to really understand it or figure out how we can use it to our own benefit.

Most of us are not even aware of its existence.

It is rather like the Law of Gravity, always working in all ways, never seen, only known by its effects.

Here is The Law of Attraction as I understand it: We get more of that upon which we FOCUS., whether we really want it or not.

By our FOCUS, we attract more of what we are FOCUSING upon.

Do not allow your mind to FOCUS on what you do not want more of because you will get more of it. Even though you do not want something, by your FOCUS upon it, you invite more of it into your life.

We get more of that upon which we FOCUS.

If we FOCUS on Lack, we get more Lack.

If we FOCUS on Prosperity, we get more Prosperity.

If we FOCUS on sickness, we get more sickness.

If we FOCUS on sadness, we get more sadness.

If we FOCUS on happiness, we get more happiness.

We FOCUS through our Sustained Thought.

Sustaining a Thought can be hard work !!!

feeling a bit stressedWe tend to think One Thought every Second, 50,000 Thoughts a day. This is not FOCUSED Thought. This is scatter-brained thought. This is silly business. This is chaos.

Most of our thoughts are closely related, one to another, and have become our Habit of Thought. This Habit we have been building for a very long time.

It appears much easier to rely on this Habit of Thought than it is to consciously choose every thought we think.

Have you ever been thinking of something sad and then something different pops into your mind? This new thought is also sad, even sadder than your previous thought.

And then another thought comes to you, even sadder than before. Before you know it, you are bombarded with overwhelming sadness.

This cycle of sadness deepens until we are utterly depressed and can see no way out.

This is the Law of Attraction at work. The Law is not meant to punish us with sadness, the Law is just attracting to us more of that upon which we FOCUS.

Suddenly, in this pit of sadness, something happens to cause us to shift our FOCUS. This is a Self-Protective reaction. It is a last resort before deepening into depression potentially requiring medical intervention.

We can use the Law of Attraction and our SUSTAINED FOCUS to help us break out of negativity before it becomes clinically detrimental to our Well Being.

We can use the Law of Attraction by way of our FOCUS to bring us more witnesses to better health, greater prosperity and abundance, more happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

But we must direct our FOCUS away from what we do not want and place our FOCUS upon that of which we do want more.

The Law of Attraction is a Law. We have been and will continue to use it. Of this we have no choice. It is like the Law of Gravity.

As we have learned to use the Law of Gravity for our benefit, so we may learn to use the Law of Attraction  and our FOCUS to our benefit, as well.

This will require Effort on our part but we are not alone in this. The Universe wants us to be healthy, prosperous and happy, full of Energy and freely sharing this Energy with everyone.

This Universal Energy is neither Positive nor Negative, it is Pure, un-differentiated Energy looking for ways to express Itself. This Energy extends Itself using our Thoughts, our FOCUS and the Law of Attraction.

The Universe of Energy, I call it the Light of LOVE, will take our little efforts and magnify them a thousand-fold and then ten-thousand-fold more.

This Universal Energy is using our FOCUSED Thought and the Law of Attraction to help us.

But it is up to us, each one of us, to decide upon what to place our FOCUS. This is Free Will with which we are each endowed. We can think and FOCUS upon anything we choose.

The Law of Attraction does not sit in judgment upon our thoughts. To the Law, as well as to the Universal Energy of Light, there are no Positive or negative Thoughts. There are only Thoughts, period.

Each Thought becomes a glorious gift to the universe, a Directive to the Flow of Love, to extend of Itself in Harmony with that Thought.

The Universal Energy of Light has no knowledge of good or bad, of Positive or negative. The Light does not recognize these aspects of darkness. The Light simply shines the darkness away.

Positive or negative aspects appear only within our physical world of thoughts and of people and things.

It is for each of us to decide where to place our FOCUS of Thought. Our choices are either Positive or negative, there are no neutrals here.

There are certainly degrees of intensity of Positive and negative, but these are the only kinds of Thoughts possible, Positive or negative.

Let us consolidate our accomplishments of understanding to date.

  1. There is an Energy flowing throughout the Universe. I call it The Light of Love, It may be known by many other Names.
  2. The Light seeks only to Extend Itself, and by this, the Light shines the darkness away.
  3. There is a Magnetic Law of Attraction at work throughout the Universe.
  4. This Law takes our Thoughts as a Template to translate The Light into physical form.
  5. It is for us to choose what Thoughts to offer to The Light for expression into physical form.
  6. We direct the Law of Attraction by our FOCUS upon a Thought.

In essence, this is How Things Work within our physical world.

Now that we have a better understanding of How Things Work here, we may embark upon more consciously choosing our Thoughts and engaging our FOCUS in order to build a more prosperous life full of health, prosperity and happiness.

With my warmest gratitude for your focus, CC

dog in reclinerChange implies seeing something wrong first, then judging, or condemning it and in need of change. All of this takes place within the physical space of perception, which is founded on change.

I have perceived the magician sawing the lady in half. Do I condemn the magician for murder? I can but choose not to judge based on faulty perceptions.

To perceive Rightly requires Spiritual Sight, enabling us to look beyond the physical to the Meta-physical. Our Right Actions require our Right Thinking- Inspiration ( In Spirit) infuses us with the Light of Love and in the Light we see rightly which leads to our Right Thinking which leads to our Right Doing.

It all starts with the Light of Love. Yet we continue searching in the darkness for the Light, it is not there!!!

Search for the Light, first, then we will rightly see that the Light has shined the darkness away.

As we find the Light, we share it and then we see by it. This is Extension and it is our reason for being here: to find or Remember the Light, to give it away, or share it, and it will return back to us, amplified perhaps 10 thousand-fold.

Our To-Do List:

  1. Seek first the Kingdom, the Light of Love, which is within us.
  2. Having found it, simply give it away, or share it (same thing).
  3. Remember, what we give (share) comes back to us.
  4. Keep our Focus on the Light, it is the only way to see.

This ‘giving’ is the true meaning of ‘ for… giveness ‘.

Love is ‘for…giving’ ( for… sharing)(same thing)

May we go “Lightly” through the darkness.

Blessings on our journey