Yellow Quartz Golden Healer Crystals

Yellow Quartz Pendants and merkaba healing crystals

What is Yellow Quartz? Yellow Quartz, also known as Golden Healer, is found throughout the world. Ours comes from mines in Northern India. Golden Healers are defined as a crystal stained internally with a yellow iron oxide or Actinolite. This coating under or in-between layers of crystal is natural, making each crystal unique.

Yellow Quartz Golden Healers are associated with the 3rd chakra (solar plexus)of Personal Power as well as the 8th Chakra (above the head) of Christ Consciousness and the Golden Ray. Golden healers help create a sense of confidence, zeal, happiness and adventure. Paler colors are associated with cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Deeper shades of gold are connected with manifestation for self-assurance and success in leadership roles.

The energy of Yellow Golden Healer Quartz is powerful, yet gently soothing. When we saw these wonderful pendants and merkabas, we were instantly attracted to them. It felt to us like it was time for all of us to bring more light into our lives, and into the world.

Yellow Quartz Golden Healer Chakra Pendant

Yellow Quartz Golden Healer Chakra Pendant Golden Healer Quartz Chakra Pendant

Pendants are approx. 2 inches long by 3/4 inch wide with silver plated capstone.
Small chakra gemstone wands are fixed to the front of each pendant to magnify and direct the healing energy.
Qty: Price: $21.00 SOLD OUT

Yellow Quartz Golden Healer Basic Pendant

Yellow Quartz Golden Healer Basic Pendant Golden Healer Pendant

Pendants are approx. 1 inch long by 1/4 inch wide with silver plated capstone.
The crystals in these pendants are somewhat lighter in color than the chakra pendants.
Qty: Price: $11.00

Yellow Quartz Golden Healer Basic Merkaba Set

Yellow Quartz Golden Healer Merkaba Set Golden Healer, Yellow Quartz, for Meditation

Merkaba..also spelled the divine light vehicle used by the Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. The Mer-Ka-ba is the vehicle of Light mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel, the divine light vehicle used by the Masters to connect with the higher realms.
The Golden Healer Merkaba crystal is shaped in 2 star tetrahedrons. We all have a merkaba field or spirit/body around us. We give you 2 (two) 3/4 inch Golden Healer Merkaba Crystals in a velvet pouch. To deepen your meditation and connect with Personal Power and Divine Consciousness, hold a Golden Healer Merkaba in each hand during meditation.
Qty: Price: $21.00

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Please note that all crystals are natural stone - slight variations are to be expected.

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