Welcome Center at the Otto Labyrinth Park

The Welcome Center at the Otto Labyrinth Park

Find Sanctuary at the Otto Labyrinth Park. The definitions of sanctuary are: 1. a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept. and 2. refuge: a shelter from danger or hardship. We offer you both at the Otto Labyrinth Park & Welcome Center, sitting across the ponds from the Park. outdoor Labyrinth at the Otto Labyrinth Park Shop our Welcome Center Gift store, located at the Otto Labyrint Park in Otto, North Carolina

The Welcome Center is open in the afternoons, Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Virtual Mini Tour of The Welcome Center at the Otto Labyrinth Park

Enter and you are greeted by the Amethyst Earth Goddess, who sends special blessing to all!
Find Labyrinth gifts, chakra jewelry, and special crystals for you and your friends.
Next, our media center invites you to listen and view CD's & DVD's for your Well Being.
Find your special book - from Native American to Energy Healing. It's all here!
Next, journey into the crystal sunroom. A complete selection of crystals and gemstones awaits you!
While there, relax in the sun and watch the birds go by!
Back in the center, candles and Feng Shui gifts abound.
Grandpa Troll waits by the drums with his children to say Hi.
Now journey to Tibet, in the Bodhi room of singing bowls and statues.
Before you leave, treat yourself to a Far InfraRed Amethyst BioMat Session. We have 2 full-body biomats, so you and a friend can both experience relaxation and healing at the same time.

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Photo Journal Of Our Labyrinth, walk a finger labyrinth, draw your own labyrinth, learn about labyrinths history and meaning. See a photo journal of our Labyrinth.

Find great labyrinth gifts on this website, See Labyrinth Gifts.

Visit the Labyrinth Park, Open dawn to dusk every day!

Otto Labyrinth Park

The Otto Labyrinth Park was open to the public in April 1998. It is made of 10 tons of stone and sits in a high energy spot with a creek on two sides, a pond on the third and a hillside of mountain laurel above. Information and Directions

Mountain Valley Center & The Otto Labyrinth Park
43 Shambala Way
Otto, NC 28763.
Phone Toll Free 888-773-2491
email: mail@mountainvalleycenter.com

The labyrinth is open dawn to dusk. After hour activities must be arranged in advance at Mountain Valley Center. Guided tours of the labyrinth and special group activities must be arranged in advance.

We have established a non-profit organization to facilitate development of facilities at the Labyrinth. Plans include building a "screen house" with restrooms and a fireplace just beyond the pond. Plans have also been drawn up for building several cabins in the woods to accommodate visitors on site. If you would like to help us fulfill these plans by making a tax deductible contribution to the Otto Labyrinth Park Fund.

Driving Directions:

FROM THE NORTH - We are an hour and a half drive from Asheville, NC. Cherokee and the Smoky Mountains National Park are 45 minutes away. Drive to Franklin, NC and come south on 441 (towards Atlanta) approximately 7 miles. Turn right on Calvary Church Rd. Turn Left on Shambala Way.

FROM THE SOUTH - We are an hour from Gainesville, GA and 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours from Atlanta. From Atlanta, take 985 to Gainesville, then drive North East until 441 North joins the four lane. Continue on the same road to Clayton, GA and on to Dillard, GA. We are 3 miles North of Dillard. Turn left on Calvary Church Rd. Turn Left on Shambala Way.

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If you are using GPS to locate us, enter "438 Calvary Church Rd, Otto, NC 28763". Shambala Way was 438 Calvary Church a couple of years ago, but some GPS systems can't find us yet.

2015 Full Moon Labyrinth Gatherings at the Otto Labyrinth Park

Friday evenings, 7-9 pm, April 3, May 1, June 5, July 3, July 31 (Blue Moon), August 28
Friday evenings, 6-8 pm, September 25 and October 30.

Gatherings are Free to the public and held rain or shine. The Welcome Center opens at 1 pm and stays open before and after the Gathering. Your tax deductible donations to the Foundation for Well Beng.org help us maintain the Parka and provide these services!

The Otto Labyrinth was opened to the public as a non profit Park in 1998. Our first Gathering had 3 people. In the 18 years since opening, we have hosted over 130 Gatherings. Some have been small groups of 5-10 people, others have been large groups of over 50 people. Like a meditation, the heart of each Gathering is Connection - connecting to Nature, the Elementals, Universal Energy, and Our inner Selves and to Each Other.

Each Gathering has the same 3 parts. Repetition creates relaxation. Knowing what to expect allows us to release the outer and go deeper into our True Selves.

  • First we meet and greet each other and take a walk in the Faerie Forest. Fairies have participated in each Gathering from the beginning. Some people see them, some feel them, some just imagine them. They are joyous beings who wish to share and like being invited!
  • Second we walk as a group to the Center of the Labyrinth, sometimes with music, other times in the silence of nature. The walk is a way to unwind from our daily lives, to release and let go. In the center, we connect with the energy of Eath and Sky. As above, so below. We allow ourselves to feel the energy of the Labyrinth to renew balance and strength.
  • Third we gather around the open fire and drum. The masculine energy of drumming balances the feminine energy of the Labyrinth. Thus we become balanced top-bottom (sky/earth) and left-right (feminine/masculine).

A Labyrinth Gathering is a joyous group sharing and meditation, designed to renew our energy, focus our intentions, and support each other as we journey on our individual paths. We welcome you to join us for one or all of our Gatherings this year. You are always welcome.

2015 Otto Labyrinth Gatherings are on Friday evenings closest to the Full Moon, and are held rain or shine. When rain occurs the program is shifted inside. The Welcome Center is open from 1 pm on through the Gathering and open in the afternoons Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Visit our Labyrinth Page for more Information

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Read excerpts from the Labyrinth Journal and help us maintain the Labyrinth Park and Faerie Forest!

If you have enjoyed the Otto Labyrinth Park and want to support parks like this, please make your tax deductible contributions to Otto Labyrinth Park Fund and Journal.
or mail your contributions to:
Otto Labyrinth Park Fund
43 Shambala Way
Otto, NC 28763

Article from Rabun Laurel Magazine, May 2008

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