Refer a Friend Program

We want to Thank You for sharing our website with your friends! With your first purchase you are eligible for our Refer a Friend Program. When you Refer a Friend (or acquaintance, or co-worker, or..) to our website and they make a purchase, we will email you a Gift Certificate for $7.00 off your next purchase. Here’s how it works.

  1. Ask your friend to type your name (the one you use to place your order with us) in the REFERRED BY space at check out.
  2. The name in the REFERRED BY space must be different than the name on the order. Self referrals are not accepted in the Refer a Friend program.
  3. When we have processed your friend’s order, we will look up your name and email in our records and email you the code for your Gift Certificate.
  4. You may use this code on your next order with us by entering it in the Gift Certificate space provided in our shopping cart.
  5. Gift Certificates are valid for 3 months.

It’s that simple. The value of this plan is that your friend can refer another friend and then they can get their own gift certificate too!

  • Please note that we will use the email you provided on your last purchase with us. If your email has changed and we cannot reach you, we will email the friend who was referred by you for a corrected email. We will be unable to email you a gift certificate without a current, correct email.
  • This offer applies only to on-line purchases from 1/01/2010 through the present time.

Why a $7.00 Gift Certificate?

Why $7.00? Seven is a number that balances and heals. 7 notes on a scale, 7 colors of the rainbow. 7 chakra energy points. Use your $7.00 to balance and heal your life and the lives of others!

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