NQ14-Window, Goddess, Etched Crystal, 2.75 in x .75 in, 40 gms

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NQ14-Window, Goddess, Etched Crystal
Window crystal – Recognized by presence of a large diamond-shaped “window” located in the center front of the crystal, such that the top point of the diamond connects with the line leading directly to the termination, the side points connect with angles forming the opposing faces, and the bottom point connects with a line leading to the base of the crystal. The four sides of the diamond represent the transmission of information between realms of intellectual activity, the practical side of ones nature, and balance between spiritual and physical realms. Window crystals come to a person when he/she is willing to honestly look within the self and accept the truth.
Goddess Crystal – 5 edges surrounding the largest sloping face Amplify feminine energy and helps get in touch with the unselfish side of yourself whether you are man or woman. Useful in balancing male-female energies. Power of the Goddess!
Etched crystal – Contains abrasions located upon the outer areas of the crystal – abrasions appear to be a type of hieroglyphics. Used to facilitate contact from ancient Egyptian civilizations and from Lemuria and Atlantis. Used as a personal meditation crystal.


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