Hand-carved Wood Buddha Mask – wood wall hanging,  9 inches wide, 16 inches tall, 4 inches deep, and weigh approx 2 lbs.

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Hand-carved Wood Buddha Mask

Life size heads of Buddha began appearing in Indonesia in the late 12th and early 13th century as Buddhism mixed with Hinduism. Buddha was originally a Hindu, and the heads are said to represent the face of Buddha at the moment of enlightenment. The large earlobes are associated with the wealthy class that Buddha was born into. The top knot or ushnisa is a symbol of spiritual wisdom, while the hair curls. half-closed eyes, and smiling mouth represent deep meditation and peace of mind. There is a great sense of inner serenity and power with the achievement of perfection and compassion represented by these heads.

This wonderful carved and painted wood Buddha Mask is made in Bali by Imade. We met the artist, a gentle soul with loving talent that comes through in his work.  Designed to be hung on your wall.

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