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Phantom Quartz Crystals

Phantom Quartz Crystal

Phantom Quartz Crystals are becoming very rare in the crystal market. Phantom crystals have a perfect “shadow” of themselves deep inside. This shadow occurred when the crystal’s matrix cooled for thousands of years and the “dust of ages” fell upon the crystal. Then, like new life, the matrix heated and the crystal grew around its previous self. These beautiful crystals are teachers of inner growth, encouraging us to extend beyond our current limitations. They help us reach beyond the mundane and open up to new and exciting avenues of expression.
The phantoms we offer are all collector’s items – hand picked for clarity, formation and healing energy!

Note: Order by Selecting number below for each photo. When a crystal from the group photo is sold, we remove it from your selections below.

Phantom Quartz Crystals

photo orf 3 small phantom quartz crystals

PQ2 25gm Phantom Crystal



PQ2 25gm Phantom Quartz Crystal, 1.5 inches tall, 1.25 inches wide


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