Our Favorite Books of All Time

Our Favorite Books of All Time.
The Books we read and re-read and go to frequently

Energy SourceBook

Energy SourceBook, the Fundamentals of Personal Energy by Jill N. Henry, EdD.
The unseen world of energy is all around us. Becoming aware of your personal energy is the first step toward understanding and channeling its power. The Energy SourceBook can help you discover how energy flow is a source of physical health, prosperity, and happiness. Experienced in both traditional and alternative medicine, Dr. Jill Henry, webmaster and owner of this site, MountanValleyCenter.com, describes in her first Llewellyn publication how energy manipulation is a terrific tool for self-healing and transformation. She discusses several energy theories in depth, spanning meditation, feng shui, polarity energy balance, and chakra work. The Energy SourceBook also teaches the techniques behind the theories, offering more than 150 simple exercises and activities. Oversized paperback, 200 pages

Qty: Price: $16.95

You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay
This is one of those "must" books for personal empowerment and energy healing techniques. Included in the book is THE LIST - containing a description of specific physical problems, their probable mental cause, and new thought pattern affirmations to assist in releasing the problem. 246 pages

Qty: Price: $15.99

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles
is the best spiritual self-help book one can buy. We have been studying it for over 15 years, and will continue to study it for 50 more. The book consists of 600+ pages of textbook, 365 Lessons - one for each day of the year, and a Manual for teachers. The book guides you to experience the meaning and power of love, and to loosen the ego's hold on your mind and life. Christian in terminology, the Course is universal in application. A must for serious spiritual seekers. 3 volumes in 1 book 1000+ pages As the introduction the The Course says: "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God"

Qty: Price: $29.95


AIllusions by Richard Bach
is a story about two biplane pilots, Richard and Don who meet and learn from each other. Don is an advanced soul, returned to earth to learn one more lesson. Richard is an average guy, both eager and resistant, to learn from Don. Don could perform miracles. Richard began to learn how when instructed by Don. On another level, Illusions is about each of us and how we live our lives. paperback, 192 pages

Qty: Price: $7.50

Northern Lights Cards

Northern Lights Cards - A Journey into Insight Jody A. Kraner
Card deck based on the metaphor of mushing 63-card deck, book, reference cards and layouts, all in musher packaging. The Northern Lights Cards incorporate healing modalities, the chakra system, levels of the human energy field and polarity elements for a complete system of guidance related to a question or situation at hand, or in a healing or group meeting. The format of the deck helps anyone who pulls a card to see aspects of themselves (the musher), their team (people in their life) and their journey (from a Divine perspective). Cards are illustrated in a vivid, Northern Lights color theme.

Qty: Price: $39.95

Energy Exercises

Energy Exercises: Easy Exercises for Health and Vitality by John Chitty and Mary Louise Muller
Energy Exercises: Easy Exercises for Health and Vitality by John Chitty and Mary Louise Muller is an excellent book even if you know nothing about Polarity Therapy! All "exercises" are simple to do, many of them involving only holding two different places on your own body. Each exercise is described by its method, benefits, and references to polarity therapy, educational kinesiology, brain gym and other energy systems. An excellent resource for client home programs! (Oversized, 147 pages, $17.95)

Qty: Price: $17.95

A Gradual Awakening

A Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine
explores and explains the process of insight meditation. The author describes the purpose and provides rationale for meditation. He includes several guided meditations which may be used by the reader. 173 pages This was the first book on meditation we read and could actually follow and do. With this book we began the process of daily meditation which we continue today. We are grateful to the author for showing us the path so many have gone before.

Qty: Price: $10.95

Sit Illustrated

Sit Illustrated
8inch x 8inch soft cover book, perfect binding, 128 pages and one of the funniest books ever for both beginning and advanced meditators. So, What’s Funny About Meditation?

Qty: Price: $15.95

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Energy SourceBook

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