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Clear your Space with Bells and Chimes!

Space clearing Bell, OM tingsha, and Energy Chimes

Clear the Energy in your home or office using Space Clearing Bells and Tingshas.

Here's How

Use Space Clearing Bells and Tingshas in the following manner. First, ring the bell or chime the tingsha in the center of a room to clear vibrations. Then go to the right of the door and begin ringing it, proceeding clockwise (opening direction) around the room. Clear each room, ending up at the front door with the final chime or ring. In this manner, you are literally "sweeping away" negativity right out the door, while opening up the space. It works wonders in our store and our customers often comment on the "good energy" they feel as soon as they enter. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

7-Metal Space Clearing Bell

7-Metal Space Clearing Bell

7-Metal Space Clearing Bell

This 2 and 1/4 inches; diameter bell stands 7.75 inchestall with its detailed wood handle. Traditionally used for space clearing, to keep the energy of any room clear and pure.
Note: Space Clearing Bells are handmade - slight imperfections are natural.

In the store, we use this bell in the following manner. First, we ring it in the center of the store to clear vibrations. Then we go to the right of the front door and begin ringing it, proceeding clockwise (opening direction) around the store. In this manner, we are literally "sweeping away" negativity out the door, while opening up the space. It works wonders and our customers often comment on the "good energy" they feel in the store.

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Traditional Tingshas

The small cymbals are made of blended metals, just like the singing bowls. The sound of the Tingshas is like a summons. It brings us to the here and now. In meditation, tingshas are used to indicate the beginning and the end. At the beginning you let go of everything except the clean moment of here and now; at the end you awaken physically and spiritually in the here and now of material reality. Tingshas are also used to clear the energy present in a room and "open" it by sounding the tingshas in the four corners of a room. A great way to clear energy when smudging is not appropriate!

All come with storycard and playing instructions.

2.5" Dragon Tingsha, 180 grams

2.5 inch Brass Dragon Tingshas
The dragon embodies strength, goodness and the spirit of change or transformation. Good to use when masculine (yang) energy is required for clearing and balancing. Easy to play by ringing sides together. Great for room clearing. 2 1/4"diameter, 1/4" thick, approx. 180 grams.
Qty: Price: $36.00

2.5 inch OM Tingshas-160 grams

2.5 inch OM Tingshas-160 grams

Om Namah Shivaya is engraved on these wonderful tingshas. OM - the primordial vibration, "Namah Shivaya" - "I honor Shiva, the all pervasive Self". These tingshas purify the body and mind and awaken the experience of the Inner Self. 2 1/4" diameter, 1/4" thick, approx. 160 grams -Easy to play by ringing sides together. Perfect to begin and end meditations!
Qty: Price: $36.00

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The Perfect Chime to carry with you or place in your meditation space. A small, powerful, and gentle way to begin and end your meditations.

Woodstock Zenergy Chime - Solo

Woodstock Zenergy Chime - Solo

Looking for a single chime that can fit into your purse or pocket? Take this single chime anywhere and tap anytime to restore your sense of peace and calmness. Tuned to note "A" to stimulate the brow chakra and intuition.

Dimensions: 7.25 in. Long, 2 in. Wide, 1.5 in. Tall Materials: Cherry-finished hardwood, 1 silver polished aluminum rod.

Qty: Price: $15.00

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