Labyrinth Gifts

Labyrinth Gifts

small Labyrinth rock The Labyrinth is a symbol of the spiritual journey to the center. It’s the outward sign of the inner pilgrimage. Originally found in ancient Crete, the Labyrinth symbol has appeared in many cultures. From Cornwall England, to the Hopi Indians. From Cathedrals in Europe to modern day uses by Churches, Hospitals, and Spiritual Centers.
Walking a labyrinth, or tracing the pattern with your fingers, brings a deep sense of peace and harmony. Perhaps it is because you must focus on one step at a time, trusting that the journey will always lead to your Center, even when it appears you are traveling in the opposite direction.
Walk a Labyrinth with your fingers using the gifts below or
Walk our Outdoor Labyrinth at the Otto Labyrinth Park! We hope these Labyrinth gifts will assist you in your own journey to peace and happiness. Have fun, relax, and Enjoy!

Visit the Otto Labyrinth Park in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina

Life Path Finger Labyrinth

Life Path Finger Labyrinth

Trace the Path - Find Your Center

This colorful, handcrafted, 6" porcelain finger labyrinth is a trivet plate, hand painted, then fired to achieve a crackled glass effect for the path, with a raised border between each path.

The classic 7-circuit design dates back over 4,000 years. 7 paths, or circuits, with raised borders, lead to the center, or goal. Use as a finger labyrinth for relaxation, centering and intuitive insights.. Use as a color therapy tool to balance the energies of body, mind, and spirit.

By tracing the circuit of the labyrinth, with eyes open or with eyes closed, you experience ancient body/mind healing energies. Feelings, sensations, memories, and images often rise to the surface, providing insights to solve problems and resolve issues in your life. Profound relaxation and healing occur while using this sacred geometry tool.

Trace the path slowly. Many prefer to use a finger from their non-dominant hand to enhance intuition and creativity.
Use this finger labyrinth to bring the energies of Peace, Love, and Well Being into your life.
Note: Because the labyrinths are hand-crafted, each one is unique. Slight variations are to be expected.

Life Path Labyrinth

Life Path Labyrinth with plate stand Life Path Labyrinth

The labyrinth is 6" in diameter and comes boxed with a plate stand, attached wall hanger, and story card with descriptions of the colors, meanings, and purpose of each path or circuit. Qty: Price: $32.00

Pewter Labyrinth Pendants

The Labyrinth is a symbol of the spiritual journey to the center. It's the outward sign of the inner pilgrimage. Our pewter pendants are just right for adding the labyrinth feelings of peace, abundance and well being into your life. "May the peace of the labyrinth be forever in your heart"

Chartres Labyrinth Pendant

Chartres Labyrinth Pendant Chartres Labyrinth Pendant with decorative bead, leather cord, gauze pouch. Just over 1 in diameter. Stone colors will vary.
Qty: Price: $18.00

7 Circuit Labyrinth Pendant with bead

7 Circuit Labyrinth Pendant 7 circuit Labyrinth Pendant with decorative bead, leather cord & gauze pouch. Just over 1" in diameter. Stone colors will vary.
Qty: Price: $18.00

Pewter Labyrinth Bracelets

Pewter Labyrinth Bracelet

Pewter Labyrinth Bracelet Pewter Labyrinth Bracelets
Pewter Labyrinth Bracelets are .75 inch in diameter
Available in Chartres (right) and Classic 7 - Circuit (left)
Stones vary, star or heart - please allow us to select for you. Qty: Price: $14.95

Pewter Labyrinth Keychains

7-Circuit Labyrinth Keychain

7-Circuit Labyrinth Keychain 7-Circuit Labyrinth Keychain - 1.5 inch diameter, pewter
Qty: Price: $16.00

Chartres Labyrinth Keychain

Chartres Labyrinth Keychain Chartres Labyrinth Keychain - 1.5 inch diameter - pewter
Qty: Price: $16.00

More Labyrinths in Pewter!

3 inch 7-Circuit Pewter Labyrinth

7-Circuit Pewter Labyrinth 3 inch 7-Circuit Pewter Labyrinth
3" Pewter 7 Circuit Labyrinth with Pouch and Story Card
Qty: Price: $24.00

4.75 inch 7-Circuit Pewter Labyrinth

7-Circuit Pewter Labyrinth 4.75 inch 7-Circuit Pewter Labyrinth
Qty: Price: $36.00

3 in. Chartres Pewter Labyrinth

3 in. Chartres Pewter Labyrinth 3 in. Chartres Pewter Labyrinth with Stylus and Story Card in Pouch
Qty: Price: $24.00

4.5 in. Chartres Pewter Labyrinth

4.5 inch Chartres Pewter Labyrinth - see picture of 3 inch above
Qty: Price: $42.00

Chartres Labyrinth On Stone

Chartres Labyrinth On Stone Chartres Labyrinth On Stone
This Chartres Labyrinth mounted on a 2-3 inch stone, with Stylus and Story Card (stones will vary in color and size)
Qty: Price: $28.00

Shell Paperweights
Chartres Labyrinth Shell Paperweight

Chartres Labyrinth Shell Paperweight
These solid pewter paperweights and pocket token place both the Chartres Labyrinth (left and on Token in Center), and Classis Cretan Labyrinth (right) on a pewter shell. The shell is a symbol for pilgrimage. The ridges in the shell represent the hills and valleys that a pilgrim walks, as those who walk the labyrinth are pilgrims on a spiritual quest. Paperweights are approx 2.5 inches; the pocket token is about an inch wide.
Qty: Price: $30.00

Cretan Labyrinth Shell Paperweight

Cretan Labyrinth Shell Paperweight
Qty: Price: $30.00

Chartres Labyrinth Shell Token

Chartres Labyrinth Shell Token - 1 inch wide with story card.
Qty: Price: $5.00

Chartres Labyrinth Wood Paperweight

Chartres Labyrinth Wood Paperweight Chartres Labyrinth Wood Paperweight
Chartres labyrinth surrounded by English and Latin words and mounted on a 3.5 inch wood block that is .75 inch high.
Perfect for any desk! (note - no stylus with this one)
Qty: Price: $38.00 SOLD OUT

Wood Labyrinth Stylus

Wood Labyrinth Stylus for most pewter labyrinths Wood Labyrinth Stylus
5-7 inches long wood stylus for use with most pewter labyrinths. Assorted star-top colors.
Qty: Price: $7.95

Labyrinth Stones

7-circuit Labyrinth stone

These wonderful labyrinth rocks are REAL STONE, etched by a unique sand blasting process to provide small inserted path sides with the labyrinth path raised between the sides. This classic 7 circuit labyrinth design was found on a 3500 year old rock carving on a cliff near the village of Tintagel in Cornwall, England and has been called the Arthurian Stone, associated with King Arthur's vision of peace and enlightenment in Camelot.

Small Polished Stone Labyrinth

Small Polished Stone Labyrinth Small Polished Stone Labyrinth
The small labyrinth polished stones weigh 3.5 to 4 ounces, are approx. 2.5" x 2" wide, perfect for desktop. They also come with their own pouch
Price: $21.00

Large Natural Stone Labyrinth

Large natural Stone Labyrinth Large Natural Stone Labyrinth
The large stones weigh 1 to 2 + pounds and measure approx. 4 inches wide, 3 inches tall, 1 inch deep, A perfect conversation piece for your coffee table! Qty:
Price: $47.00

Mini Labyrinth Talistones

mini labyrinth talistone NEW - Mini Labyrinth Talistones, approx 1.5" wide and light weight, perfect to carry with you all the time!!! (no pouch with mini's)
Price: $10.00 Back in Stock!

NOTE: These are real river stones, so the colors, weight, size and finish will vary within the guidelines and photos above. Some imperfections in finish are to be expected in these real stones. All stones come with a story card. A stylus will not work with the rock labyrinths, as the Path is raised, not lowered as in the pewter labyrinths.

Bonus Video


The classical labyrinth has only one path to the center, with no dead-ends. One of the best known patterns was incorporated into the floor pavement of the Chartres Cathedral, near Paris, France, around 1200 AD. It is an eleven circuit design divided into four quadrants. This labyrinth pattern was originally intended to be walked as a pilgrimage, a questing or searching journey with the hope of becoming closer to God. It often served as a symbolic substitute for the actual pilgrimage to Jerusalem and was called the “Chemin de Jerusalem” or Road to Jerusalem.

When walking, or tracing the pattern, of the Chartres labyrinth, its rhythmic nature is noticeable. The path inward is of increasing amplitude, with smaller inner circles progressing to larger outer circles. The entrance to the center happens during the most energetic phase, created by movements of the larger circles. The path going out is one of decreasing amplitude. Thus, the labyrinth walk re-creates our natural cycles of expansion and contraction and connects us to our very own energies.

A labyrinth is made to be walked. It is a journey into our own centers. Even walking a finger labyrinth with one’s fingertip or visually traveling the labyrinth with one’s eyes will arouse kinesthetic sensations. One “feels” a labyrinth as much as one travels it.

Labyrinths have re-gained popularity in the last 20 years as powerful spiritual tools. Walking the labyrinth while in contemplation or meditation can arouse deep feelings of peace and calm, resulting in healing and feelings of great well being. Labyrinths are currently being used not only in Churches, but in hospitals, community centers, and recreation areas by those who wish to experience a gentle walk to peace of mind, body, and spirit.


Labyrinth Gifts

Unique labyrinth gifts include our inspirational Life Path Porcelain Finger Labyrinths, meditation Labyrinth Stones and Sun Catchers, new age Labyrinth Pendants, Meditation Cards, T-shirts, Dowsing Rods & Pendulums.

Labyrinth Park Welcome Center

The Welcome Center has a healing room, with 2 Far Infrared Amethyst BioMats for individual energy healing, plus gifts, restrooms, and special surprises. Come and spend the day in retreat and sanctuary!

Labyrinth Books

Our favorite labyrinth books for meditation, spiritual meaning, and self help. See our new laminated Labyrinth chart - a must for any Labyrinth Lover!

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