Feng Shui Cures

Feng Shui Cures

In Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway), "cures" are used to quickly re-direct chi (the invisible energy that affects our homes, businesses, and even our health and well being. In the following sections, we will briefly describe a "cure" and provide examples of practical uses.

When an environment cannot be changed to the ideal energy movement, "Cures" are used. Below is a listing of cures, followed by products used in most cures.

The Basic Cures used to stimulate positive energy "Chi" and redirect negative energy

  • Bright Objects: Mirrors, Faceted Crystal balls, gems, lights, candles
  • Sounds: Windchimes, bells, music
  • Living Chi:Flowers, Plants, Birds, Fish
  • Moving: Mobiles, Chimes, Fountains
  • Heavy: Stone Sculptures, Furniture
  • Mechanical:Computers, Stereos, TV
  • Bamboo Flutes and banners


Chinese Coins

Chinese Coins 3 Good Fortune Chinese Coins in a Lucky Red Envelope

Chinese coins symbolized prosperity and were worn as amulets of protection against negative energy. These old Chinese coins are round with a square in the center, representing heaven and earth. Lucky Red Envelopes are used to enhance luck, prosperity, and happiness. Place the three coins in the envelope and place it atop the frame of a doorway, in your prosperity corner, in your wallet, or in a cash register to attract prosperity and abundance!

The coins are approx. 1" in diameter. The paper envelope measures 2.5" x 4" (Designs vary).

Qty: Price: $7.95
Feng Shui Money Tree

Feng Shui Money Tree Feng Shui Money Tree

This money tree will bring you luck and prosperity. Perfect for the home or office. 2.50" x 2.50" x 4.50"


Price: $4.50 SOLD OUT - No due date


Feng Shui Fu Dogs FU TEMPLE DOGS Keiloon - Gold Resin

Keiloon or Fu Temple Dogs are sold in pairs and will bring luck and protect any home or office. One Fu dog represents the male, his left foot is raised and rests upon the world - protecting worldly possessions and successes. The Other represents the female, her right foot is raised and rests upon the belly of a baby Fu- protecting the home and family. 4" tall, Set of 2

The Keiloon is a legendary creature with horns on the head of a lion, scales upon the body of a deer, and a tail consisting of little curls. Legend has it that this creature "eats" wicked people. Placed at the front door, mouth facing the door, the Keiloon is the sentinel that neutralizes any harmful elements entering the home. It has a health-giving effect upon the house. If the Feng Shui positioning of a house is unfavorable, the Keiloon will dilute any adverse energies circulating around the house. Keiloon or Fu Temple Dogs are sold in pairs and will bring luck and protect any home or office. One Fu dog represents the mail, his left foot is raised and rests upon the world - protecting worldly possessions and successes. The Other represents the female, her right foot is raised and rests upon the belly of a baby Fu- protecting the home and family. They are always placed with their raised foot on the inside so that world and family remains safe.


Price: $22.00


Feng Shui Treasure Turtle Dragon TREASURE TURTLE DRAGON 2.5"

A small turtle sits atop a dragon which sits atop coins and Ru-Yi pots. This statue combines the attributes of longevity, prosperity, plenty with strength and the dragon spirit of change. (Story card included).

The turtle (or tortoise) is sacred to China as a symbol of longevity, strength and endurance One of the species of tortoise is called pieh, the largest form of which is called the yuan, in whose nature the qualities of the Tortoise and Dragon are combined. It is the attendant of the God of the Waters and has the power of transformation. The Treasure Turtle Dragon stands upon a bed of I-Ching coins (a symbol of prosperity) and Ru-Yi pots 9the bowl of plenty0. Combining the aspects of the Tortoise with the Dragon (goodness, strength of Heaven, masculine energy) along with the prosperity and wealth symbols of the coins and Ru-Yi pots makes this figure a powerful icon towards attaining the prosperity desired without succumbing to greed. Some believe that the small turtle upon the back of the Treasure Turtle represents the ability to provide for or pass your wealth to your descendants.




Feng Shui Gold Dragon GOLD DRAGON 4"x2"x3.25"

In China, Dragons are considered to be divine mythical beings that bring abundance, prosperity and good fortune. Crafted from traditional resin, with a brass-like gold finish.(Story card included)

In China, there are many different types of Dragons, relating to anything from the elements to specific places. They embody strength, goodness and the spirit of change or transformation. Dragons are symbolic of the creative strength of Heaven, masculine energy (Yang), and are believed to appear in the world if the ruling sovereign shows a lack of virtue. They are also said to exert a restraining influence over the sin of greed. The Dragon frequently appears in carvings or statues holding a ball, or pearl. This can symbolize many different things - the sun, moon, an egg which represents the dual influences of nature, or the pearl of potentiality. The Azure Dragon represents the cardinal direction "East" in the Chinese Art of Feng Shui, Dragons can be placed in many areas of the home to guard, protect, bring strength and to activate masculine energy.


Price: $16.00

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Feng Shui Wood Candle

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Bells and Chimes

Feng Shui Bell

Feng Shui Bells and Chimes, Space Clearing Bells & More.

Feng Shui Crystals

Feng Shui Crystal

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Feng Shui Statue

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