Chakra Gemstone Balancing and Healing

chakra gemstone pouch

Energy conducts the life force into and through our minds and bodies at specific locations, called Chakras. These spinning wheels of energy are associated with glands, organs, feelings and thoughts. Add gemstone qualities to your well being. All stones are hand-picked for their energy and unique characteristics.

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Chakra Gemstone Pouch

Chakra Gemstone Pouch

Carry the stone(s) with you to reinforce their qualities in your life or place them directly on your body in their proper location to energize a particular chakra or the internal structures in that area. You may also use the stones as massage tools to focus the energy you wish on a particular area of the body. Most of all, enjoy the energy and beauty of the stones!

  • USE Smoky Quartz or Rhodonite for grounding, manifesting and physical vitality - Earth energy.
  • USE Carnelian for Physical desires and relationships - Water energy
  • USE Citrine for Personal power & worldly success Fire energy
  • USE Aventurine for Love, balance and healing- Air energy
  • USE Sodalite or Blue Lace Agate for ability to speak openly and lovingly - Ether/Space energy
  • USE Amethyst for understanding & intuition
  • USE Clear Quartz for spiritual connections
  • USE Rose Quartz to balance Earth & Heaven.
8 Chakra Gemstone Pouch

8 Chakra Gemstones
The Gauze bag is 4" x 6" and contains a detailed Story Card and 7 natural chakra gemstones approx .5 to 1 inch assorted sizes.
Qty: Price: $16.00

Chakra Wands

chakra gemstone wandChoose from the large 5 inch crystal wand with chakra gemstones or the smaller, 3 inch "pocket" wand with chakra stones mounted on sterling silver.
The "round" crystal end is used to sooth energy, while the faceted, pointed end directs and focuses energy into specific points. A great energy healing too for yourself or others.

Large Chakra Wand

Large Chakra Wand
7 Gemstones mounted in sterling on crystal
Qty: Price: $60.00

Small Chakra Wand

Small Chakra Wand
7 Gemstones mounted in sterling on crystal
Qty: Price: $20.00

Calcite Healing Kits

calcite healing stones

CALCITE is a calming, soothing, stone that lessens fear and reduces stress while sharpening mental abilities and purifying the body and environment. It has been called the premier cleanser of stored negative energies in the human system. Calcite is a building block of lime and marble whose attributes include protecting, grounding and centering. All calcites are good for general health and healing.

The Colors of Calcite

blue calcite

Blue Calcite - the Knowledge Stone - used to attain and retain lessons learned and communicate clearly.
Blue Calcite helps reduce feelings of intensity and overload. It is uplifting, joyful and humorous. It is often used during times of change and uncertainty. Increases the will and opens channels of communication. Physically, blue calcite has been used used for the throat, lungs, tonsillitis, thyroid, arthritis, joints, and high blood pressure and is said to eases pain, especially back pain. Throat chakra.

green calcite stone

Green Calcite - the Abundance Stone - increases success and prosperity in business and enhances all healing.
Called the money stone, green calcite brings back double anytime you give. Often used by Native Americans to enhance the Give-Away ceremony. It opens the heart and helps release fears, allowing a more abundant way of life to flow in. Physically, green calcite is said to benefit the heart, thymus, chest, shoulders, and lower lungs as well as being beneficial for healing tumors and other malignancies. It has been associated with balancing the endocrine system and for overcoming addictions and compulsive disorders. Heart Chakra

red calcite stone

Soft pink/Red Calcite - Emotional Strength Stone - clams fears and increases inner strength and inner love.
Works with the circulatory system to rejuvenate and revitalize the mind and body. Has been used in love rituals and is known for it is calming, centering and grounding energies. Aids feeling protected emotionally and is said to be beneficial for conditions where detoxification is necessary, such as food poisoning or alcoholism recovery. Root chakra

orange calcite stone

Orange Calcite - Mental Balance Stone - restores mental and emotional equilibrium.
Sometimes called the philosopher's stone, orange calcite creates a sense of clarity and an attitude of joy. Said to banish worry and anxiety, it has been used for headaches, tired eyes and releasing blocks to kidney and liver functions. 2nd & 3rd chakras.

honey calcite stone

Honey Calcite - Spiritual Connection Stone - assists in connecting with Higher Self and Higher Wisdom.
Honey calcite is a stone that gently amplifies energy and enhances our connection with our higher consciousness. It makes a wonderful alter stone, connecting with the energies of Universal knowledge and understanding.

calcite stones

We offer calcite healing kits that contain all 5 calcite colors in one kit. All kits include story cards.

The small kit on the left has 5 stones, each about 1.5 - 2" long. The total stone weight is approx 1 pound

The large stone healing kit on the right contains 5 stones, each 2-3" long. The total stone weight is approx 2lbs.

Small Calcite Healing Kit

Small Calcite Healing Kit
Qty: Price: $18.00

Large Calcite Healing Kit

Large Calcite Healing Kit
Qty: Price: $28.00


Chakra Jewelry

Sterling Silver Pendant with Reiki Symbol

Sterling Silver Chakra Jewelry
Sterling Silver chakra jewelry designs are delicate and filled with loving energy. Gemdrop chakra pendants are organic and natural.

Chakra Candles

chakra candles

Chakra Candles
These Chakra Energy Pillars are infused with essential oils selected for their aromatherapy benefits relative to balancing each chakra.

Chakra Color Balancing

chakra plush bears

Chakra Color Balancing
Have fun using color to balance chakra energy with chakra finger labyrinths & chakra bears!

Chakra Sound Balancing

chakra chants music

Chakra Sound Balancing
Our favorite CD's to balance Chakra energy.

Chakra Gemstone Pendulums

earth pendulum

We select the perfect gemstone kits, wands, and pendulums to balance your chakras.

Woodstock Chakra Energy Chimes

woodstock chakra chimes

Woodstock Energy Chimes
to chime your way to energy balance.

Energy SourceBook

Energy SourceBook

Energy SourceBook
From the owner of this website - a complete description of chakras and how to meditate with them.

Click here for Chakra Pendulums

Click here for Chakra Pendulums

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