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Alternative Testing Center

Testing Center

Alternative Testing Center

Choose a test below by clicking on the underlined link.
Complete the test, then return here to continue to the next area you choose.
If you have any difficulty answering, grading or submitting tests

Detailed Registration Form

(complete prior to beginning tests)


Module One


1.1.Adult Learning & Development

Module One, Test 1 Self-Test

Andragogy Assumptions

Module One, Test 2 Submit your answers
by email.


Andragogy Principles
Module One, Test 3 Self-Test


Adult Learning Practice

Module One, Test 4

Please complete and submit your answers
by email.


Transpersonal Education

Module One, Test 5



1.6a Cognitive Domain of Learning Module One, Test 6a Self-Test


1.6b Affective Domain of Learning

Module One, Test 6b



1.6c Psychomotor Domain of Learning

Module One, Test 6c



1.7a Sample Objectives Module One, Test 7a Self-Test


1.7b Your Course Objectives Module One, Test 7b
Submit your answers by email.

Module Two

2.1 Personal Style Inventory Module Two, Test 1 Self-Test
2.2 Personal Style Inventory Scoring Sheet Score Sheet for Module Two, Test 1 Self-Test

NOTE: There are no tests for 2.3 through 2.8 in Module Two.

2.9 Strategies for Teaching and Learning based on Personal Types

Module Two, Test 2



2.10. Methods of Instruction

Module Two, Test 3



2.11 Designing Your Course

Module Two, Test 4

Submit your answers
by email.

2.12  Experiential Learning Cycle -Overview

No test!

Enjoy your break!

2.13 Why Use Experiential Learning

Module Two, Test 5


2.14  How to Use the Experiential Learning Cycle

Module Two, Test 6


2.15 Facilitation Questions using Experiential Learning Cycle

Module Two, Test 7

Submit your answers
by email.


Module Three


3.1 Feedback and Evaluation in Adult Learning

Module Three, Test 1



3.2 Developing Written Tests

Module Three, Test 2

Submit your answers
by email,


3.3 Developing Participant Course Evaluations

Module Three, Test 3

Submit your answers
by email.


3.4 Review and New Beginnings

CFAL Participant Course Evaluation

Submit your answers
by email.

Teach what you know, regardless of when you have learned it.
Teach what you learned yesterday sagely, as if you have know it all your life,
Teach what you have known for decades with enthusiasm,
as if you learned it only yesterday.
Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon, Owlknight


There are two types of tests in this course.
1. Self-Tests
are graded by clicking on the "View your answer sheet" button at the bottom of the page. Then clicking on "Grade" button on the next page. Your answers are graded on-line for your review.
2. Submit your answers on-line
tests are reviewed by your CFAL facilitator. For these tests, complete the information then click "View your answer sheet" button. Now click the "Submit online" button, and then click on "Continue" button.  You will know that you have successfully submitted your information when you see the THANK YOU page appear. Clicking the link will return you to the CFAL Sitemap.
1. Both grading and submitting require that you complete the NAME, ID, and EMAIL ADDRESS boxes at the top of each test.
If you go directly from one test to another, your browser will hold your information from the previous test and show it in the new test. To correct this problem you may exit (close) and then re-open your browser, or simply overwrite the previous information.
3. For fill-in submit tests. You may type directly into the boxes, or prepare your answers on your own word processor and copy and paste them into the answer boxes. TYPING: Press Enter for new line. COPYING: Keyboard CTRL+V to paste answers.

Using Java scripts:
1. Tests in this program function best when using Netscape as your Browser. Click here to install a FREE Netscape browser Now.
2. If using Internet Explorer (IE), tests will still function except for one BACK button that takes you back to the test after grading it. Using IE is fine. You will just have to "work around" by coming back to this testing center in order to get back to your test after grading.
3. Tests use JAVA applets and perl scripts, which are activated on most computers. If tests do not work in IE, check that JAVA applets are enabled by going in your browser to:  Tools —> Internet Options —>Advanced —>JAVA SUN and check the box USE JRE….  You may also want to check in Tools—>Internet Options —-> Privacy  —–Advanced and check to Accept or Prompt for Cookies. Also in IE – Tools —> Internet Options—-> Security Settings —–>check Enable Scripting of Java applets
4. If you are still unable to GRADE or SUBMIT tests, then go to the
Alternative Testing Center.
There you will find answers to self-tests and copies of all tests that require submission. You may then copy the tests that require submission to your word processor, complete them, paste them into an email, and email them to drjill@mountainvalleycenter.com


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