2.3  PSI Meanings

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2.3  PSI Meanings 

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   Module Two

2.3  Personal Style Inventory Meanings 

The  MEANING of your Score

The Letters on the score sheet stand for four continuums of personal style in teaching and learning

 I – introversion  ————  E – extroversion                   N – intuition  ——–   S – sensing

T – thinking  ———   F – feeling                                   P – perceiving  ——-   J – judging

Your topology is those four dimensions for which you had scores of 22 or more, although the relative strengths of all the dimensions actually constitute your topology. Scores of 20 or 21 show relative balance in a pair so that either member could be part of the topology.

Look at your highest number in each pair – it becomes a letter in your topology.  Your highest number will either be an I or E, an N or S, an T or F and a P or J.

The following Table is a quick – at a glance – personality type based on your score.  For more information about each type, click the underline link!

In this portion of our on-line course, there are no rules to follow. Click any of the links in the box below and explore different personality types. Of course, you will be most interested in your own type first. But after that, you may want to find out how others fit. You may invite friends and co-workers to take the personality test, score them, and find out what they are like. Unlike Module One, where I directed you specifically from page to page – this portion is deliberately non-directed. After you have explored, in any way you wish, you may proceed to the
Strategies for Teaching and Learning based on Personal Types and continue with this Module.



Myers-Briggs Types at a Glance: – from Kroeger & Thueses ( 1988) Type Talk


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Strategies for Teaching and Learning based on Personal Types
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