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Course Overview 

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Most teachers and trainers of adults are enthusiastic presenters who know their topics well. Many however have had no formal training in educational methodology. Helping participants learn is the point of all presentations, whether they are hour long lectures, week long seminars, or academic courses.  Even if you are a natural teacher, a sound grounding in Adult Learning Theories and Strategies will take your presentations to the next level and ensure your success in helping Adults learn and grow.

PURPOSE OF COURSE: The purpose of this on-line course is to enable participants who teach adults in a variety of settings to develop skills in organizing, facilitating, and evaluating their programs in terms of Adult Learning Theories and Teaching Strategies.

GOAL OF COURSE: The goal of this course is to certify individuals who have demonstrated competence in the course objectives as Certified Facilitators of Adult Learning.

OBJECTIVES: During this course, on-line participants will:

  1. Design Workshops and Courses using the principles of Adult Learning (Andragogy)

  2. Develop learner/participant-centered objectives in the 3 aspects or domains of learning (Cognitive – what you know, Affective – What you feel about what you know, and Psychomotor – What you are able to do with what you know).

  3. Identify personal learning style using a Personal  Style Inventory


  4. Plan the learning experience for different types of learners including: Extraverts and Introverts, Sensors and Intuitors, Thinkers and Feelers, Judgers and Perceivers

  5. Facilitate the learner/participant through a 5 step Experiential Learning cycle  that results in the learner being able to “take home” and apply the information in ways that improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

  6. Describe the use of formal and informal evaluation and feedback in facilitating adult learning.

  7. Develop a written pre-test/post-test to determine learner competence on a program they have or will be presenting.


  8. Design a written course evaluation on a program you have or will be presenting.


Becoming a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning involves 3 parts.

  • Module One: Learning to use the Principles of Adult Learning and the Experiential Learning Cycle to organize your presentations and make them sing!  Includes developing learner centered goals and objectives

  • Module Two: Discovering your own teaching/learning style and learning how to teach adults whose learning styles differ from yours. Includes taking a Personal Style Inventory and using that information to plan workshops that incorporate a variety of teaching/learning techniques and key facilitation skills to ensure participant understanding of your topic. 

  •  Module Three: Teaching for Competence and CEU program approval. Includes designing workshops to meet standard CEU requirements by developing Pre and Post Tests, and presenting workshop information in the language required in CEU application forms.

Successful completion of the objectives in all modules, including feedback and revision from the course facilitator, will result in a Certificate Issued to the participant as a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning.



During the 1980’s, Dr. Jill Henry, EdD, PT, APP traveled across the United States and Canada teaching academic and clinical teachers how to teach. She published 5 major articles on the teaching/learning process in referred professional journals. She was an educational consultant for the American Physical Therapy Association, planning national teacher training events. She also consulted with Richmond County public schools on “Training the Trainer” programs and was a key player in corporate training programs offered by the Augusta Georgia Chamber of Commerce.  Since moving to the mountains, teaching and presenting with efficacy remains a passion for Jill. There are basic skills that anyone can easily learn  to improve their workshops and presentations. Complete this on-line course and receive your certificate as a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning. 

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