Module 1 – Teaching

Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning

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Module 1 - Teaching 

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1.1  Adult Learning
1. 2  Andragogy
1.3  Principles
1.4  Practice
1.5 Transpersonal Edu.
1.6.Objectives Overview
1.7.  Developing Objectives

Adult Learning and Teaching (Andragogy)
Developing Objectives 
Learning to use the Experiential Learning Cycle 

OBJECTIVES: During this module, on-line participants will:

  1. Design Workshops and Courses using the principles of Adult Learning (Andragogy)

  2. Develop learner/participant-centered objectives in the 3 aspects or domains of learning (Cognitive – what you know, Affective – What you feel about what you know, and Psychomotor – What you are able to do with what you know.)

Andragogy, or the study of adult learning, developed out of a realization that there is a difference between the way adults learned as children, and the way they approach learning as adults. As children, learning was often of no immediate, practical value. The focus was on memorization and simple skills, on essentially lower level objectives.  Children learn what they need to learn for "later", whenever later is.  Subjects are taught to prepare children for college entrance examinations or vocational careers.  The result of the learning is a "grade", which must be earned to graduate. 
Yet most adults take an entirely different approach to learning.  Home improvement is a good example.  A couple decides they want a deck out their back door.  They have determined the objective, and now proceed to buy books, talk to lumberyards, and do any number of learning activities to build their deck.  The completed deck serves as the evaluation product and method.  Self-help books and tapes are another example of adult learning.  Many adults set out to improve their memories, lower stress, gain happiness… on their own.  They have set the objectives, developed the learning methods, and eventually evaluate their own success at meeting the objectives.

This is a self-paced, adult learning program designed to help you become a better facilitator of adult learning whether you are teaching in formal academic settings, training in business and industry, or teaching adult workshops and continuing education programs.



Participants in this program are asked to have with them any teaching materials that they have used to teach in the past or are planning to use to teach in the future. If materials are “inside their heads” only, that’s OK too. The content of these materials may be anything from using herbs to teaching a CEU course, from understanding personal vision quests to teaching physical exercise or mental meditation. Using their own materials, participants will experience developing learner-centered objectives


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