2017 Solar Eclipse

What a Gentle, Blessing Day to witness Nature's Miracles. Thank you all for being with us and for your wonderful Spirits! Until next we meet - Be Well and Stay Happy!

Map of 2017 Solar Eclipse in NC and GA

The 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse is Coming Here.
To the Otto Labyrinth Park in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.
We're sitting here right on the middle line and looking forward to a Great Labyrinth Gathering during the Eclipse. See detals below!

Monday, August 21, 2017 at 2:35 pm. Latitude: N 35° 3.761902' Longitude: W 83° 23.088226
We are in the center of the next All American Solar Eclipse. The last Eclipse that crossed the entire country was June 8th, 1918. There have been other eclipses that have crossed one or more states, but none since then that crossed the continent.

Solar Eclipse at the Otto Labyrinth Park

As daylight is replaced with darkness and the stars come out,
I stand in the Still Point of the Labyrinth.
As night falls, birds return to their roosts, flowers close and the air becomes chill,
I return to my Source, releasing all that is no longer needed.
As the sun returns, I embrace a New Me, A New World, and a New Day of Infinite Possibilities.

Labyrinth+Eclipse=Still Point Reset

Nature respects the balance of stillness and flow, activity and rest, and is the foundation for the self-correction necessary for health and well being. We are vibrational beings, every cell, atom and structure in our bodies are constantly vibrating. Each cell has a frequency, moving from positive to negative polarity through a neutral still point. This vibrational energy is affected by our internal environment of thoughts and feelings and by our external environment of nature and collective consciousness.

Walking a Labyrinth is one way to access this neutral Still Point, the reset point for body and mind. Research by Schultz, E. D. & Rhodes, J. W. in 2006 showed that 66% - 82% of people who walked a labyrinth reported increased levels of relaxation, clarity, peace, centeredness, openness, quiet, and reflectiveness, and reduced levels of anxiety, stress, and agitation. The experience of labyrinth walking supports recovery, renewal, integration of the whole person, and facilitating a sense of harmony.

A solar eclipse can only happen when the Earth, Moon, and Sun align in a brief Still Point. Ancient cultures feared solar eclipses - believing that in the sudden darkness negative energies and entities are released. However, today we know that calm observation of negativity leads to Light, and we may greet the solar eclipse as an opportunity to experience the ultimate stillness.

At the Otto Labyrinth Park we consider the Solar Eclipse, coming to America on August 21st, 2017, to be a personal and global Still Point Reset. Why is a frequency Still Point Reset important? Shaman and Reiki Master Jim Ewing describes a Still Point in this way. "Your heart is a liquid oscillator. At every beat, there is one moment when it is neither expanding nor contracting, when your being is infinite for one micro-millisecond, when every thought, every intention - your very being- are broadcast to the universe in all dmensions. This is the Stillpoint, the all-time-no-time point of power." A Solar Eclipse is a sacred moment in the Stillpoint of consciousness. It is a time to access the "all-time-no-time point of power more easily. It is a time to reset our lives, from cellular vibrations that affect our health, to energy vibrations that affect our intentions and well being.

On August 21st, 2017 we will hold a Solar Eclipse Gathering at the Otto Labyrinth Park. We will spend the morning learning how to access our Still Points using techniques from CranioSacral and Polarity Therapy. A Journal will be provided to each participant to use in preparation for releasing the old, negative energies from our lives prior to the eclipse event. After a potluck lunch, we will gather at the Labyrinth to await the eclipse. Walking into the Labyrinth, we will gather at the center to experience the combined energy of the Labyrinth and the Total Solar Eclipse to access the Still Point and Reset our Lives in the directions of Healing and Well Being. At the conclusion of the Eclipse we will hold a debriefing, using our Journals to record our experiences and set our intentions for the future.

If you wish to join us, please register in advance below.

Wherever you view the eclipse, we hope you use it for your own journey into Healing and Renewal.

May all be Well in your Life! Jill and Charlie

2017 Solar Eclipse - Time to Reset Your Vibrations

“No matter what others are doing, you are the only one who is responsible for what happens to you.…your life is entirely governed by your vibrations, what they tell you and how you respond. The slower your vibrations, the more unpleasant your life: you will contend with more conflict, mass, and pain. …when you raise your vibration level, you can neatly sidestep collisions, both psychic and physical, and quite literally change the world for the better.” Thaddeus Golas, The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment.

From the cells in our bodies to the emotions of our minds, everything is vibrating. Quantum physics tells us that every atom is vibrating as a probability wave, and most of the stuff we call physical matter is really made up of empty space. In fact, there is no solidity in the universe. What appears solid is created by underlying vibrations. All life vibrates, everything moves.
Ascended Master Saint Germain teaches that, in truth, all one really needs to do to change any aspect of their life, heal any dis-ease, create abundance, or achieve Transfiguration of the physical body into the Ascended Realm, is to raise their vibration and frequency.

Vibration can be measured in frequency patterns labeled in megahertz (MHZ). Research has reported that the biofrequency of a healthy body in the daytime is between 62 and 72 MHZ. The higher our vibration, the healthier our body and mind. But consistent exposure to negative stressors can lower our energetic frequency. Clinical research has also shown that our thinking patterns have a profound effect on our body’s vibratory field. Quite literally, ‘energy flows where thought goes’. Negative thought patterns can lower our vibration by 12 MHZ, while positive thoughts raise our frequency by 10 MHZ.

“Good, good, good, good vibrations (Oom bop bop)

(I'm pickin' up good vibrations) (Oom bop bop)

She's giving me excitations (Excitations, oom bop bop)

Good, good, good, good vibrations” – The Beach Boys

Any event, thought or emotion has the potential to raise or lower our vibrations. Lower frequencies are associated with emotions of anger, frustration, sadness, regret… While higher, lighter frequencies are associated with love, joy, gratitude, laughter… And Spiritual frequencies of wonder and awe are can range from 92 to 360 MHz.
Research indicates that energetic clearing methods, prayer, meditation and other practices can be used to significantly increase our base- line frequency level (up to 15 MHZ). In other words, we can deliberately elevate our energetic resonance to restore harmony within our auric field and health within our body.

Touchstones are significant events in our lives. We all have experienced touchstone events. Some touchstones are negative – remembering times when we were fearful or anxious. Some are positive – remembering times when we felt joy and peace. Remembering these times either raise or lower our vibrations in the present moment. The 2017 Solar Eclipse is an opportunity to release the lower frequencies of the past that we carry around with us and raise our frequencies to embrace the new and wonderful world ahead of us. With the proper frame of mind, the Eclipse can serve as a positive touchstone for the future.

We hope you join us on August 21st, 2017 to prepare for and experience a touchstone event that will raise your vibrations! By guided journaling in the morning to identify and release negative vibrations, and then experiencing the Eclipse in the heart of the Otto Labyrinth, vibrations of healing and peace and joy can infuse your body, mind, and spirit. Plan to make this a special day in your life, a turning point for attracting all you wish into your future.

Path of Totality

Diagram of Solar Path Of Totality The Path of Totality is created when the Moon's Umbral shadow crosses the Earth during a total solar eclipse. The unbral shadow cast by the moon covers only about 0.3% of the Earth's surface, creating the Path of Totality. A second shadow, called the penumbra is much larger and creates a partial eclipse elsewhere.

The Event

Diamond Solar Eclipse The total eclipse takes nearly 3 hours, beginning and ending with a partial eclipse. The Total part of the eclipse lasts 2-3 minutes and will look like a "hole in the sky" with the black disk of the Moon surrounded by the Sun's feathery corona ring. A diamond effect occurs as the totality ends and a burst of sunlight appears along the edge of the moon - a celestial engagement ring! At the Otto Labyrinth Park we will be able to view 100% of the sun completely covered using special solar glasses.


Imagine living thousands of years ago and seeing the sun disappear in the middle of the day. What would you think? What would you do to make the sun return?

Ancient Chinese would light fires and shoot arrows at the Sun to make it "catch fire" again.

Dragon eating sun In India and Indonesia, people thought that a monster or dragon was trying to eat the sun, so they would bang pots and pans or drum, making noise to scare the monster away.

In 585 BC a total eclipse ended a war in Turkey when 2 fighting armies set down their weapons and made peace.

Theory of relativity Eclipses began to be predicted by the mid 1800's and astronomers began traveling many miles to view one and take photographs. Einstein used the total eclipse of 1919 to confirm the bending of starlight by gravity in his general theory of relativity.

The 2017 Solar Eclipse

2017 Solar Eclipse Map The Path of the Totality of the eclipse on August 21st is about 70 miles wide from west to east through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The duration of the Totality will be about 2 minutes on the West Coast and 2 ½ minutes on the East Coast. The average speed of the Moon's shadow as it crosses the United States will be nearly 1,700 miles per hour.
The Partial Solar Eclipse will begin at the Otto Labyrinth Park on August 21, 2017 at 1:06 pm, with the Totality Occurring at 2:35 pm. The Totality will last for 2 minutes, 25 seconds.

Solar Glasses

Solar Eclipse Glasses image Solar Glasses are necessary to view the moon's progression across the Sun. Initial partial phases last about 90 minutes. The last 20 minutes before the totality the temperature starts dropping and the sky begins to look strange. Once darkness descends, it is safe to take off your glasses and look at the totality. Once the sun begins to peak around the moon, you must put the glasses back on.

Events the Otto Labyrinth Park on Monday, August 21st for The Path of Totality Solar Eclilpse

2017 Solar Eclipse at the Otto Labyrinth Park

Note: These events are open to pre-registered participants only.

10 - 11:30 am

Welcome and Pre-Eclipse Preparation

Eclipse Journal for the Otto Labyrinth Park Participants will receive their Eclipse packets, including eclipse glasses, information sheets and Personal Eclipse Diaries. We will explore the meaning and the experience of a Still Point in preparation for the Eclipse. The Still Point is our Vibrational re-set point which nourishes the physical body and activates the subtle body. The Solar Eclipse acts as a Planetary Still Point - allowing us to re-set our Path. In the morning we will use journaling and other meditation experiences to identify that which is no longer needed in our lives. With correct preparation, during the eclipse totality we can experience the Still Point to change our vibrations and re-set our lives.

11:30 - 1 pm

Pot Luck Lunch. Bring a dish and socialize! Water and tea provided.

1pm - 3 pm

Full Solar Eclipse The partial phase of the eclipse begins at 1:06 pm at the Labyrinth Park. During this time participants may explore the Faerie Forest, relax by the stream, or even take a nap on a Far Infrared Biomat! As the time gets closer to the totality, we will begin our Group Labyrinth Walk, timing our steps to be in the center in stillness at 2:35 pm.

3-5 pm

As daylight returns, Guided Journaling allows participants to identify and record their unique experiences and determine their future paths. All is re-set for a new life, a new world!


Pre-registration is required and we are FULL.
Follow the links below to the Franklin, NC and Rabun County,GA Chambers of Commerce for other viewing locations in our area.
Happy Eclipse Day!

Eclipse Resources

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